Mid-Year Check-In: Are You Being Accountable to Yourself?



The question of accountability. I love this question for several reasons. Now i it says account dash ability. I love this. One is because you actually have the ability to account for how far you came this year now. Let me explain what that means. Personal accountability means you stated promises to yourself. You took the actions and you fulfill them. You were accountable for how you showed up and how you perform each day accountability. Also means you'd be able to measure that you'd be able to take into account that so what does accountability really mean. Accountability really means you set up some systems of measurement. For your success. I know this is where it was. Jesus put some balloons up dancing bears. Can we have some positivity. Here i started with positivity. Now i'm going to go right to your face. What did you fail to take accountability for. Did you fail to take accountability for the fact that you promised to get your health in order. Did you fail to take accountability for your actions. So you're still blaming your spouse for your results. Did you fail to take accountability for the fact that you got pay some taxes. You still laid on. Did you fail to take accountability for your credit card debt this year. Like i just want you to think. Broadly i told you the beginning. This is a conversation. This is like a good old conversation with. uncle coach. Brendan and so. Where did you fail. Accountabilities piece i know that's hard but high performers are not uncomfortable with this conversation that we got to be very comfortable with our measuring sticks and have this conversation. I can tell you where mine were. Accountability i missed a ton of team calls this year. I fail to take accountability for me to make sure that every single week i got my team calls. I own that i'm aware of it. I'll do better next year. It's important for us to be able to look at ourselves and say you know what that piece. I wasn't as accountable towards my wife at the first five months of this year as i had promised her. When we move to puerto rico. I should have been more available to her. I should've doted on her more. I should have made sure she was set up as much as i was trying to set up the business in the studio and things and you know i should have had more wind nights with my wife this year like i'm accountable for that because i want to be a good husband and it doesn't make me feel sad. I'm not getting mad at myself. I'm being realistic. And i'm observing my own

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