Breast Implant Illness


Talking about breast implant illness. Recently discussions around the topic of resurfaced with a vengeance. There's being newspaper articles documentary. discussion boards. The whole nine yards. If you have implants you've definitely heard about breast implant. Onus you've researched it you've talked your surge nevada. It possibly stressed about it. But what exactly is it. Wise as much controversy around it and so many unknowns. I'm joined today by dr richard blaming. Dr kim taylor to discuss the ins and outs of breast implant illness. First things first. What is it so this is something. That's been around for decades pretty much since breast implants. Were benue so. It's a constellation of symptoms. Which a generally niger. That cold constitutional symptoms so things like headache. Fatigue blurred vision hair loss whole lot of things mental forgiveness which don't seem to be totally related to breast implants but there is very small number of women who developed a symptoms after they've had breast implants and unfortunately of those women who do get it there. There are some who are very very vocal and active on social media groups. I to Talk about this condition which can possibly influences other women so all the symptoms symptoms quite not general but you know could be applied to a litany of other illnesses or sickness exactly so they often symptoms which are related to sort of inflammatory top diseases. So things like arthritis and sla rheumatoid arthritis. So they're very very general and there's a bit of a crossover. There's a lot we probably don't know about it. I'm i'm sure it probably. It is a real thing and it does impact a very very small number of patients And unfortunately there are some women who of are of the belief that plastic surgeons are deliberately trying to poison women with breast implants and caused deliberate harm. Which is clearly nonsense.

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