This Is a New Battle Against American Marxists


There's a lot of hand wringing about conservatives and libertarians and free market conservatives and Lot of hand wringing about how They don't represent the people. How they've never really represented the people. Of course. Ronald Reagan got To the biggest massive landslides and electoral presidential history. Sure if he were alive today he would disagree with that. But to me, this is the problem. This is the problem. Our battle today is not with libertarians. Free market conservatives. Many of us are free market conservatives. Battle today isn't With dismissing Milton Freeman and And Bill Buckley, another tremendous minds as if somehow will be able to claw our way back. That's not the battle today. That's not the battle at all. Our enemies are not the libertarians. Our enemies are not Fiscal conservatives are enemies are not free market conservatives are enemies are not social conservatives. Our enemies. This American Marxist. Movement and individuals that I'm talking about. And yet this is what we hear constantly. Constantly. The great middle class. The Great middle class is under attack, not by the libertarians, not by free market conservatives. It's under attack. In our classrooms in our universities and colleges are economic system. While so many people are navel gazing as if these are the old battles. This

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