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Official as president. Joe biden on thursday signed legislation making juneteenth june nineteenth a federal holiday. This after the bill was approved by both chambers of congress. The bill inserts june eighteenth a national independence day or june nineteenth onto the slate of federal holidays. By the way i believe. We're up to forty four federal holidays. At this point it was passed by the senate with no objection on tuesday. The house of representatives passed it. Four hundred and fifteen to fourteen on wednesday six. Oh seven now. Thirteen ten a thirteen ten. Kfi k. a. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialist studios. But how did the juneteenth name coming into our lexicon. And how has it changed. Over time. Ben zimmer traces the origins of juneteenth in the wall street journal starting with this quote. They turn them loose on the nineteenth of june. And so that's how we know to celebrate that day. Now these where the words of one laura smalley recorded way back in one thousand nine hundred forty one. We calling her early memories growing up in slavery on texas plantation. The day she remembered was june nineteenth. Eighteen sixty five after the close of the civil war. That was when major general. Gordon granger arrived with union soldiers in galveston texas to make an announcement. Granger said the people of texas are informed that in accordance with a proclamation from the executive of the united states all slaves are free more than two years. After abraham lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation. Slavery had finally come to an end throughout the south now. The annual commemoration of that day came to be known as juneteenth in galveston and other texas towns with black american celebrating with parades and pageants musical performances prayer gatherings and barbecues in the twentieth century. Thanks to the so-called great migration of rural southern blacks to the north and west. Well juneteenth jubilees actually spread as alberti them. Junior junior explains a brand new book. Juneteenth the story behind the celebration juneteenth lays claim to being the oldest continuous commemoration of emancipate in america as it has been a day of jubilation galveston year since june nineteenth of eighteen. Sixty six in early accounts of the festivities and white owned newspapers in east texas. The date had not yet telescoped into the juneteenth hand in eighteen seventy one the galveston daily news called it. A celebration of freedom.

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