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Including what to do. When i'm gone and directions howley welcome to the show. Thank you so much for having me. I'm a big fan. I am so excited. But i feel strongly that if you're going to try to coin a term like illustrator you can't just say you're the author of three books. You need to have some sort of portmanteau for like author but no drawings of like draw author who. Yeah i mean definitely struggled to find terms for kind of any of my books. I'm like a graphic novel graphic memoir like. There's there's a lot of confusion so yeah i did. I did land at illustrator. And i sorta just thought it was funny and aphids fabulous and i'm glad that you have coined it And i'm even more glad that i pronounced it roughly accurately. But i also like this. You were mentioning earlier that you had not only printed out the questions. We're discussing today. Which is very impressive. The you have access to a printer But that you'd also gone over it with your dad. And i kind of love this because i know that what to do when i'm gone is a project that you took on with your mother and i really hope that today's episode can just be like you take the pro parent position and i take the anti parent position And we just rate that mindset into even the questions that don't have anything explicitly to do with parenting like we will find a way to work it into that last question. I promise yes yes. I will be the little like mama's girl. I will take this debate class stance. I am so excited. Not least because i. I want to start working on popularizing. The concept of the mommies girl. What kimmy schmidt did for daddy's boys. While i hope you and i can today do for mommy's girls. What do you think is the defining characteristic of a mommy's girl. I suspect that it might be horses. I suspect that horse girls and mommy's girls have a certain big section in the middle of that then diagram but that's just a suspicion. I would say animals definitely. Maybe not specifically horses. I would say daily contact with your mother and still using the word mommy ironically but still using it. I love that. I'm going to try to think of at least three or more characteristics. I feel like having like one necklace that you always wear rather than lots and lots of different jewelry like one small statement necklace. is another characteristic of a mommy's girl i realized that is just getting closer and closer to describing samantha from american girls. But i think she's very much like of type. Yeah i mean. I also think that to love your mom. There's likely a lineage of good mom's if not good dads in your family like my mom grew up in a very rough way but had an amazing mom who kind of was heard the good force in her life and so. I think that we have like pass moms to thank for the for the the positive mom relationships going on i love that i i was remembering that one of the first pieces. I ever collaborated on with my now. Wife grace was about this idea that we had sort of formulated on a plane trip which was to mom energy drink and the sort of like what. What types of energy would we imagine. A company would promise you that would be like having two great moms I love that. I i think it actually had to do with. There was a guy we knew who was like. Why is he so just like relaxing and yet whenever he liked takes over a situation. You're like yes. I feel secure. Take take it away. Aaron and grace. I think it's because he's got two moms And totally it's like the that predominant like feminine love that you can't it just doesn't come from dad's sorry like it just. It just doesn't come from dad's no when i smell healthy mom energy on somebody. I'm just like let me come. Sit next to you please. Which is not how. I tried to open this conversations. Because that's maybe the most horrifying way i can think of to express interest in getting to know someone. Is you smell like mom. May

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