A highlight from Samin Nosrat and Helen Rosner In Conversation From The Jubilee Archives

Radio Cherry Bombe


Sometimes i'm like oh what would it be like. If i didn't torture myself for like the whole first. Part of the thing like the majority of it. What would life feel like like. Is that what enlightened people feel like. Everyone you're listening to radio cherry bomb. I'm your host carry diamond and we are broadcasting from newsstands studios at rockefeller center in the heart of new york city or today's show were dipping into the archives for a special recording from our last in-person jubilee conference at features semi nassir at of salt fat acid heat and conversation with helen. Rosner of the new yorker introducing them as aaron. Goyo aga of canal avenue. Speaking of jubilee will have news later. This week about our jubilee. Twenty twenty two conference if you're a ticket holder and or subscribe to our newsletter.

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