A highlight from We Made It Weird #41


You walk made it weird with all what's happening. where does this leave you. I didn't know we were recording. Hi everybody i just wanted to say we start out sleepy but we really find. It had a great chance. Yeah this was. This was a really good one. So don't give up. Hope if we sound a little. Smokey and not smoking but foggy. Foggy smell smoke. Fog smoke bomb. Yeah smog. whoa smog. Yeah oh my god like polluted fog. We're already learning already. Knew that. Because i lived in bakersfield well. This is a great chat. I'm not just saying. I founded healing and loving and funny and fun so if you love this podcast. It's forty two. Yeah that's my age. If you love about podcasts as much as we do and you want to show your support it means so much if you wanna try and vows pick our our first pete's pick is mia on which one of my wearing. I'm wearing enroll. oh. I love this one. They're like hedgehogs hedgehogs with a hot pink background. Me on these are the most comfortable underwear that i've ever owned. They're made from incredibly soft micro fabric. Both vallon i heard about them on another podcast that they were sponsoring and we just complete underwear overhaul Say top details but it's just details other than they have great lounge pans n ones as well so if you care about underwear i mean you should. What's something that you wear that you can't see but can make or break your day. If you guessed undies. You're probably having a lot of good days seriously. There's a reason your underwear is the first thing you put on. And andy's believes you should be comfortable at your core.

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