The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), a Look Back

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So the electronic entertainment expo or e three big virtual online video game convention is a rap. But that doesn't mean we're done talking about it yet. I with brent ticket a few well-earned days off. I have just the guy here to help me out mark saltzman. Welcome to the podcast and thanks for taking time to join me you know. I think we likely met for the first time in in the real world. Agony three or maybe a yes I've been more than twenty of them. I think you have to hopefully next year. We'll get see you there in person but nice to see on zoom today. Yeah likewise yeah my i. D three was ninety seven in atlanta. So that's probably about right because you brought me onto usa today to write for the publication in The fall of ninety eight so we probably met around that cool. Well thank you again all. Yeah thanks for all you've done for us and folks you know you can always get marks Regular contributions on tech that usa today dot com and at the bottom of each of the stories. There's ways to see what other stuff has worked in But today we're talking about three in markham interested. What did you think of this year. Virtual e three. I liked it. I wasn't sure going in with an all digital show. Obviously i figured it would be better than not know me three at all. Which is what unfortunately happened last year at the pandemic but enjoy kicking the tires on the new games And actually getting my hands on them. But i was actually really impressed with everything you know i it off youtube lot in a bit twitch and i you know four pack days of announcements and panels and fireside chats and and some of the hosts analysis of it all. I was actually impressed. I think it was a really good job. And i think it sets the stage to what will likely in the future which is a bit of a hybrid. I mean i think we're going to go back to l. a. or somewhere else and we're gonna see some of these games but i think the advantages are also for those. You don't have the industry anybody can attend. It was completely free. And if you missed some of the live events you could just watch it on demand later. I mean it's a win win. i think so. I liked this year. E three including the lineup of games that were

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