Are You Ready for Hurricane or Fire Season?


Well today. I wanted to talk a little bit about storm. Prep and we talk about this from time to time. But we're kinda getting into the season of it. Now we're watching a tropical storm hurricane. Come up the You know west coast of florida heading up that going to cruise up to east coast. We've got Wildfire season that is full swing out on the west coast and who knows what tornadoes and things happen across the central part of the us. We've got a lot of different storm's going think it's going to be an active summer sore. You ready for that now. Ready can mean a lot of different things. If you're in a area where you've got hurricane coming. Maybe you need to have that generator. She you can power up and if you're down for a week or two you've got power to to run that you've got enough fuel. You get generator. You keep that food fresh. Maybe even the house cool. If you've got a big enough one and the same goes out on the west coast you know rocky mountains west because with fire season you're gonna see a lot more power outages and rolling blackouts. You're going to see more of that. I mean hack we just about. We're running out of power out here just in the pacific northwest because we had a huge wave. Last week that he wave well that could have caused rolling blackouts. Had win with that. We could have been out of power for awhile so you would have wanted to have of course water you would of course wanted to have a backup power system but think about this. Are you ready for all that. You know things that i want you to think about our your precious most prized belongings. Are they in a place that if someone came up to you and said you got a half hour to get out of your house. Could you get them in the back of your car easily. Are they in a good spot for that. Make sure they're in a good spot for that

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