Are We Seeing Crypto's Green Shoots?


If Everybody welcome to the try to come. Crypto podcast and Yeah another diet don. Yesterday we were down. So let's talk about top ten and just what's going on because it seems to be beat up and down and up and then a couple of games today through the market and what i can tell you. I've noticed that there are. There are a couple of days out there that have pushed on quite nicely. Now it's not your mind one i. It's not the real talk. Ten taught targets gallon on the. It's it's more the well. There's a bit of a help a bit of a mixed bag really. We've had a few nice a few noise. Smooths alpha to die up twenty five percent yesterday also fourteen percent the die before fifteen percent. We've got ivax for example that today's up the chain percent i x s is up twenty six percent. We've had some fairly good mood. You know we've got. We've got some good momentum out there on a number of pez leaner up twelve. I'm just giving three now to say what we've got ruined up. Sixteen sand fourteen rook up eleven. Synthetic stuff eleven. We've got some very good moves. Unique pep also eleven so the market seems to have had a good pop to die and over the last few days. We have seen some movement now bitcoin. Yes it's up-to-date of three percent. But you have to keep the perspectives down. Four point five percent yesterday. it's pretty pretty messy looking job or any timeframe that you kind of look at the daily realistically gotta really get about thirty. Six thousand. six hundred is the as what it was yesterday. We were still gonna clear that level. We've got the high allowing their. Hopefully we can push on throw. I'd like to see some statement moves you know so strong continuation in some of these moves. It's been rather slow and sort of it stops and starts chips and chops and we want to say that change currently thirty four thousand seven hundred and forty four for one. Bitcoin is up three percent.

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