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Tv has picked up on. This stephen colbert recently ran the spoof educational video so you spent a year in isolation then got jabbed in the arm by a stranger congratulations. It's the first step in reentering society but before you head back out into the world you need to remember what it's like to be around what scientists call other people. Maybe you find yourself wondering what your friends think of you. Do they still think you'll witty board by your small talk. Do you even remember how to make small talk. Have i always been awkward in social settings. Maybe i never enjoyed others that much to begin with. Oh god i feel. We're can they tell i'm thinking this even have a real personality or just a construct of all the media i've consumed in complete isolation. What were things even like before this because remember the people around. You might feel the same way you turns out other people do feel the same way and often in those moments when we're worrying about them judging. They're worrying about us. Judging them this week on hidden brain we bring you a favorite episode about the power. We exert over others and the perils of living too much inside our own heads support for hidden. Brain comes from rocket mortgage. When you're looking for a new home you want to make sure it meets your needs with rocket mortgage. You can make sure your financing works for you to visit rocket mortgage dot com slash brain. Because when you need a mortgage that fits your life. Rocket can call for cost information and conditions equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states and mls consumer access dot org number thirty. Thirty support for hidden brand comes from hot wire book. An expensive hotel for cheap on hot wire with trade deals. You can stay in nicer hotels than you ever thought possible. Just select your city neighborhood and amenities then get your heart rate. Download the hotwired app now and book. Beyond your wildest means all bookings find philip. Zimbardo grew up poor. I was born in new york city in the south bronx and as you went to school and played in his neighborhood. He noticed something. There were lots of ways for kids from poor families to get into trouble one of the things about growing up. Poor is you're surrounded by evil Meaning people whose job it is to get good kids to thanks for money and even as a little kid. I was always curious about why some kids got seduced and other kids like we were able to resist. Was some kids smarter tougher. Lots of people might draw such conclusions but from an early age phil found himself interested in another explanation. The context in which a good kid would do something bad. The situation at school. James monroe high school also. Bronx fill got close to a classmate who was interested in the same questions and it was a little jewish kid named stanley milgram. We were in the same class. We sat side by side. He was the smartest kid in the class He won all the medals at graduation so obviously nobody liked him because we're all envious of him but he was super smart and super serious. If you know anything about psychology you know that these teenagers went on to become two of the most influential psychologists in history phil became famous for conducting the stanford prison experiment where he turned the university psychology department into a makeshift prison. Stanley milgram made his mark with a study. That examined the power of situations to seduce. Good people do bad things. It involves asking volunteer to administer a memory test to another person if the answers were wrong. The volunteer was told to deliver a series of electrical shocks as punishment. The study has invited a great deal of admiration and a great deal of criticism. Over the years we're going begin. Today's show by taking you through this famous experiment as you. Listen p attention to how you're responding to the scene that unfolds about the different characters and how you relate to them wants it done. We're going to talk with a psychologist. Who realized that. Most people overlook something in the experiment. We so often sort of simulate. If i was in that milgram shock experiment. What would i do if i was the the study participant right.

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