The Canceling of Conservatives in Hollywood


I think I told you about the story when some years ago a scout locator came to my house and said we're going to film a movie next door to your house. We like to use your property for catering services. So we negotiated a deal to do that. And the day they were shooting and they never saw a film being shot before, I'm on my front steps watching them shoot. The film was starring Antonio Banderas. And who's the actress is married to Warren Beatty? Mister McConnell, advent, thank you. And by the way, I had an interesting conversation with Antonio Banderas. He had a Terry cloth, white Terry cloth robot, smoking a cigarette, sitting in my driveway, where I were having a chat. It's kind of interesting. So as I'm on my step watching them film, the head of the catering services comes over to me, and we start talking, he tells me he enjoys a show and so forth, but nobody could hear it because we so far away. So about 6 months later I get a phone call from him while I'm on the show. And he said, Larry, you remember me? I was at your house and came up to your steps. We were talking. I said, yes, he said I haven't worked since then. I said, what do you mean? He said, well, no one could tell what we were talking about, but clearly because I came over to you. It was obvious that I'm a fan of yours. I haven't worked since then.

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