Julie Kelly Describes Jan. 6 Incident D.C. Police Are Covering Up


In one instance two D.C. police officers one supervisor attacked a woman named Victoria white who I interviewed twice and wrote about her last month D.C. supervisor takes his baton and strikes her on top of her head At least 13 times with a baton Now this is a small woman who is trapped in this tunnel She can not get out He then throws his baton aside and punches her directly in the face 5 times You then see her face is bloodied You see another officer with a woman who has fallen down and can not get out of this tunnel He stomps on the top of her head These are the kind of police brutality that was happening in this tunnel against women This is also the location Mark where Roseanne boyland a 34 year old woman from Georgia Trump's supporter died D.C. coroner said she died of an accidental drug overdose but she was in this tunnel She was overrun by the mob of both police and protesters We're not sure yet There is looks like some evidence that she also was beaten by a female D.C. police officer in that tunnel But she's lying face off dead in front of this tunnel And is then dragged back into the building by police officers including celebrity police officer Harry Dunn and officer aquilino but now who take her body and keep it near steny Hoyer's office until paramedics arrive She's pronounced dead at 6 O 9 There is a very good chance and this is why they don't want the video

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