Glenn Jacobs, Mayor of Knox County, Tells Us About Himself


Tell us a little bit about where you come from, your background, I know you've been married like I have for a long time, you got kids. So to give us a background of just, you know, that off persona Glenn Jacobs. Yeah, thanks for the opportunity to do that because you're exactly right. I was speaking with some young folks this morning and it's one of the things that I said, you know, we both in wrestling and in politics, you kind of have this personal public persona that is in wrestling quite a bit different, but even in politics is different or you get labeled as whatever and that's different than you are as an individual. So I think it's always important to look back and understand people's journey through life. I was born in Madrid Spain. My dad was in the air force at the time. Dad was 21 year military veteran he served ten years in the navy in the Korean War. He was on the USS antietam. Then he services to the air force. He was in Vietnam. It was a load master on the C one 30 cargo planes, the big planes. He retired when I was four years old, we'd already moved back to the states. He was a master sergeant, but it's funny because as in his position, he was the person in charge of the weights and balances on those planes. So he could literally overrule an air force general on whether the plane could take off or not. Which is pretty cool. Mom was a homemaker, our growing up in the 70s and royal northeast Missouri, my family is actually from the St. Louis area, but we moved a couple hours north of there. And there's one whole lot of economic opportunity to add worked in factories. Got laid off quite a few times. And if it hadn't been for his military retirement, things would have been very difficult. We always had food over in our belly and a roof over our head, but if the car broke down or something like that, you know, things get tight. Mom and dad loved us and they worked really hard. I mean, when you think of hardworking Americans, you think of people like George and Jones

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