Historian Daniel Pipes Describes 'The Perilous Path From Muslim to Christian'


Guys, I'm really happy to welcome to the podcast, Daniel pipes, Dan is an historian, he's a former official in the U.S. departments of state and the Defense Department. And he's been a professor. He started at the University of Chicago. He started at Harvard, U.S. naval war college, and he also runs an organization called the Middle East forum. Now, Dan wrote an article, I believe originally in a magazine called the national interest about a worldwide movement of Muslims converting to Christianity in extremely I think fascinating topic I wanted to have Dan, come on and talk about it, Dan, welcome to the podcast. Of course, we know each other going back several years. And you are one of the experts and sources that I interviewed for my first film, a 2016 Obama's America. I find this article extremely fascinating. So let me start by just asking you what kind of got you. I mean, here you are you're a scholar, historian, a political scientist, what got you interested in this topic of Muslims in a sense leaving their faith and becoming Christians? I don't thank you for the kind introduction to national. I'd always considered Muslims leaving a slab could be a marginal topic of no larger significance beyond the individuals involved. And then gradually over the past years, I became aware that it's bigger than that. There's something going on. And they're really two aspects to it. One is Muslims becoming atheists. And the other is Muslims converting to other religions, mostly Christianity. And I now see this as a significant phenomenon, both for those involved. And also, a challenge to Islam, such as Islam has never

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