Allegiant Airlines Removes Passenger Wearing 'Let's Go Brandon' Mask


Here's the video of the allegiant airlines, we ought to get that guy on the show Derek. We interviewed the other guy that had the let's go Brandon mask on that had to be removed. How about this guy? Now, let's listen carefully, turn it all the way up, Yuri from the very beginning and let's see if we can hear this exchange about a woman from a legion airlines kicking a guy off a plane because he had a face mask with the words, let's go Brandon on it. So I'm going to ask you to put a different. Line. This is the time. The FAA regulation, what's an FAA regulation? Is there an FAA regulation prohibiting the words? Let's go Brandon on a face mask? What the heck country are we living in? I'm sorry. Can you defend this? You want to explain to me why it's normal to kick somebody off an airplane for wearing a face mask. And of course, you know where they think they've got him. She asked him to take the mask off, he said, no, I'd prefer not to, and she said, all right, now you're refusing to comply with our instructions, so we're having you removed. The guy got kicked off the plane, got a refund on his flight. Maybe he's been banned for life from a legion airlines as if everybody would want to fly that crappy airlines anyway.

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