Trish Addresses Inflation and Gas Prices


Like to just quickly get back to this inflation issue because I heard some policy ideals that came out of Joe Biden last night, but none of them fortunately, I hope. Do not have a chance of becoming a reality. You look at what's going on right now in the stock market. And of course, people are trying to digest all of this news. It's coming to us out of Europe, you've got Powell that spoke the Humphrey Hawkins testimony. They're on Capitol Hill and Paul's indicating you know what we're going forward with this. We're going to raise rates this month. I think you've got to under the circumstances with all this massive inflation. There's a chance that maybe he doesn't follow through with as big a rate cut or as many rate hike. Hike, I should say hike. Paul and Joe Biden there were as many rate hikes as anticipated, but we'll see. We'll see how this all shakes out. I do think it's time. I mean, it was time a year ago for Paolo to do something. So this to me is a positive positive element in terms of gas prices though and what their effect on the economy will be. They're going to be significant. I actually went to fill up my gas pump. I drive one of those really offensive gas guzzling SUVs. You're not supposed to have, but I've got one. I've got one, and I filled up the tank and it was over $4 a gallon, and I noticed that. I was talking to the guy and we were chatting about it and he's like, yeah, and this is despite the SPR, but you know, the SBR. That's gonna last you no time at all. I'm sorry, you can release all those strategic reserves, which by the way, Donald Trump bought a really low price. Joe Biden and company were accusing him of just trying to prop up the energy industry at the time. But it was pretty smart to buy it right when it was $10 a gallon, as opposed to a $110 a gallon, which is where we're heading. In fact, I would argue it would probably be one 30 a gallon, possibly one 50 a gown in the relative near future, which could translate into, I don't know, $9, a gallon that the gas pump, it's not inconceivable to see gas prices more than double from where they are right now.

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