A highlight from #60 Tactical Tuesday: Deciding Whether To Go For Thin River Value


And I am joined on tactical Tuesday. Like always except for a few episodes there in the beginning, by John, John how you doing sir? Doing well. Got some more one J hands for the audience today. Like usual. We didn't talk about the theme coming into this episode, but I think the theme should be whether or not to go for thin value on the river. Both of these hands I definitely did have that did come to that decision. So yeah, we'll just run through these two hands and see if you think I should have done anything differently on the river. All right, I think there's possibly another theme, but we can talk about that after we break down both of these hands on today's show. But yes, it's opportunities should you be value betting? Should you not be so yeah, let's dive in. This first one is blind verse blind. You've got a good hand, black aces. One might say, the best hand in no limit, Texas hold 'em. The small blind opens, three X, and you three X, there are three X to 9 big blinds with ASUS and villain calls, looks to be a rag in the small blind, at least to my knowledge. They have a hundred big blinds, that's all I had to go off of there. Very limited data points, but with just assume that most villains at one K and L R regs in general, I think. So no reason to believe otherwise. Flop is 5 diamonds, 6 of hearts, Jack of hearts. Again, you have two black aces. There's one 80 in the pot, but if you have 9 ten behind villain checks and you start out by betting a third, I guess we'll start here on your decision to be a third on this flop. Any other sizing choice available? Not for me. I mean, I think you can go a little bit deeper or if you wanted to play a slightly different strategy playing half plot here in position, I think is totally reasonable too, but I would be totally different if someone told me I had to bet a third or I had to bet a half pod in the spot. Sure. All right. So you bet your third Dylan calls. A third. And we see a turn. The turn is the 5 of hearts, which pairs the bottom card and completes the front door flush. So flop was Jack 5 6 two hearts, turn is the 5 of hearts. And the villain. Checks. And you decide to bet, looks to be around two thirds. You've got one 92 into two 96. Tell me about this bet. I do think this bet is definitely more I don't know controversial, I guess than the flopsy vet success. Is that the. I think like playing this playing like flesh completing terms with a value that is in the flush or like a boat or a set or something is definitely a tricky part of the game tree, I think, in general, though, especially when I don't have a heart, I lean just towards value betting my hand almost as if the flesh hadn't completed. I don't think I get check grace here often enough by non flushes to like really, I don't know, be scared of getting check raised bluff off of a hand like aces. So villain check jams and you're just folding. Probably, which is pretty sick, but I don't know. I've probably told myself, oh, it's wide versus blood, I can call down a little lighter, come down a little lighter, or maybe have a few more bluffs. But in general, I think I would be pretty happy to fold a hand like aces that just is like rarely, really going to improve on this board. And I called John. There's no way that you're happy folding aces. That's too much. That's a step too far. I mean, happy in the sense that I know that I get to this spot with lots of hands that can cause I just have flushes and I guess in this case, like boats and hands that have like aces with a heart or something like that that are very easily or very comfortably call versus a jam. And so I don't know, I guess what I was saying by happily folding aces meant that just knowing that I'm not fooling everything in the spot. Yeah. And I don't know, I don't know if folding aces is advisable here. Dylan could jam worse. That's what makes it a problematic for me. And I think that I don't exactly know how many combos have flushes they have. But some combos of their flushes start for betting preflop. So like they're eliminating checkers. We'll both, right? Like some four and then some check raise flop. So there is some removal there. So I don't know how many flushes they have. But I think getting check race here on the turn once you polarize is probably a low frequency event. I agree. Kind of either way. Even if it has like ten of hearts, I don't know that they're just going to check jam facing this big bet because it's quite easy to imagine you just have a lot of air balls or bluffs that want to put the last bed in on the river. So yeah, I actually don't think you get checkered as a ton here on the turn. So yeah, just even diving diving deep into what you do versus a check raise is probably like what you do about nothing. Just such a rare thing to face. And villain does call. But that does sort of play into the river too of like whether or not you should be going for value in that villain does have slow plays here on the turn. They do have flushes. It's not outside the realm of possibility. I mean, maybe they have boats too, I guess, like 6s full. But not as many boats as flushes. The river is the king of clubs. And villain checks, and now your action, the SPR is a little bit under one. There's 6 81 in the pot. Fill in has 6 59. You have 6 59. So tell me about tell me what you're thinking here on the river. I thought this was decision was pretty close in game. I think now that close between just jamming and going for value versus just checking back aces, a little bit tougher to get called by some of the strongest hands on the flop and turn now. It's like tough for me to imagine a hand like ace Jack or queen Jagger. Top air on the flop and turn being like super happy about stacking off or as happy about stacking off now as they were as they would be on like an undercard river. Why? I don't know, like some of my some of my bluffs are now just gotten there. Yeah, you got a jam, right? On the river. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. If you had like ace king, you've got to both get there and jam them too, which I don't know that you jam, king queen, ace king, kington.

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