What AZ Senate Candidate Jim Lamon Would Do to Stem Immigration


Talk a little bit more about the immigration issue. What are some of the specifics? Because it seems that there's been a lot of promises made. So for example, president Trump, who you and I both admire greatly and you supported generously throughout the campaign and bundled a lot of money for him. He was not able to get the Senate partners to build his border wall. Is that something that you would openly support? Absolutely. And talking with Brandon, number one is remaining Mexico policy. And really enforce it, not just speak to it, but really enforce it. Number two, complete the remaining 124 miles of the wall that we need. Third mandatory, a verify, and then forth and sanctuary cities. So deep in a policy understanding of that goes much deeper with Brandon and the guys, but helping me to understand that in depth. And it's just a fact that people are coming from around the world. This is not a humanitarian issue of our friends and neighbors in Mexico. This is out of

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