How Can Ukraine Prevent a Russia Invasion?


Andrew peak based on your time as director of Europe at the National Security Council, is there any chance that Ukraine can do to Putin's invasion if it occurs, what Finland did to Stalin's in the winter war in 1939 and 40. In other words, hit them much harder than they're expecting. Gosh, you know, Hugh, I served alongside finished troops in Afghanistan. I have to tell you they have an incredibly impressive martial tradition. To that then they traded a little bit out of necessity after the Second World War for more neutral status. I think the situations are very different. Unfortunately, the winter weather that is coming in Ukraine from say mid January to early March actually favors the Russians with their greater mobility and their greater armor vehicles than it does the Ukrainians whereas back in the back in the winter war and the continuation war at which you were alluding to the mobility was actually with the Finns the famous ski troops in the blizzards that were in the great battle of sula montes.

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