The Coming, Lethal Threat to Our Republic No One Is Talking About


This is one of those issues where all of a sudden 6 years from now. You might see a total change in the power in D.C. and you'll remember this conversation and you'll wish I wish I would have taken that more seriously. Why don't we take the maps more seriously? We're here with Tyler Boyer speaking on behalf of turning point action also he's the RNC committee men for the great state of Arizona. We only have about 5 minutes to go through this. Tile gets some immediate thoughts. Yeah, so just to the piggyback on the last conversation we were having. So just to put this into perspective for everyone listening, the redistricting process really started two years ago. Three years ago. So those of you that are feeling helpless now, you feel helpless because this really was happening two to three years ago and the insiders that managed this whole process, like I said in the state Arizona, it basically comes down to one person that gets to pick all the maps for the state because that one independent is the deciding vote. And so in a lot of states that where you're that way, you're going to feel helpless. So we're here to add some positive spin to it, which is how do we not feel helpless? How do we take control? Yeah, and I want to just kind of show the Democrats are mini celebrating right now. This is sleepy eye chuck Todd from MSNBC. MSN DNC, talking about, hey, the maps are actually looking pretty good. I just want to reiterate this. They're shocked. They can't believe it. They thought they were going to get clobbered, cut 90. Right now, with about half of the 2022 U.S. House district straw, Democrats are in a bit of a better position than they may be expected to be. According to the cook political reports, Dave wasserman, based on what we know so far, there will be a few more Biden won districts than there are now. How is this possible Tyler? Because I thought if chuck Todd is surprised about this, they were anticipating getting clobbered in this. Man, I hate seeing chuck Todd and just ruined your date, as I hear his voice. I miss Russia's p.m. SNP. I prefer that over DNC. But here's the reason why they're celebrating their many celebrating early right now because it's not over because a lot of these governors have to approve the maps and the Republican states. And so things could shift and swing a little bit. But they're excited because basically there was never an anticipation that redistricting was going to be awash. And it's, guys, I'm telling you right now, that's what's happened

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