Why Attorney Marc Elias' Loose Talk of Republican 'Disqualification' Is Dangerous


The slimy operative has this new story out at democracy docket dot com. Just so we're clear. The chances of the filibuster being lifted for Joe Biden's whatever legislation, very low. Build back better is dead. John Lewis Voting Rights Act not going to happen. This is Mark Elias's website. He goes into great detail by saying it's important how we characterize the events of January 6th. Why? He says, quote, the term insurrection has legal consequences specifically section three of the Fourteenth Amendment, which prohibits people to run for Congress if they were engaged in an insurrection. Quote, it seems quite likely that one or more Republican members of Congress will be subject to this disqualification and it's important that we start to identify them now. Republicans will inevitably argue that enforcing the disqualification provision will harm their chances in the upcoming midterm elections. Preferably the Department of Justice would lead this effort. Nonpartisan career lawyers should evaluate not just the criminal liability of people involved in the insurrection, but constitutional disqualification of the lower civil standard of proof. Oh, so this is why they need to keep on calling it an insurrection. They're going to try to disqualify hundreds of members of Congress that stood up and tried to object to election results. A 147 Republicans Mark Elias trial ballooning, he is trying to move the overton window to say, hey, why don't we disqualify a 147 Republicans ahead of the midterms? This is their current endgame for this calendar year, everybody.

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