Bill Gates Needs Jesus Christ


I think it would make him more at peace with his, with his issues. He's got serious issues. Any Republican that associates with Bill Gates, you got serious problems. Okay, cut 26 Bill Gates wishes happy lunar year to China and embraces the Tiger symbol for vitality and health. This is unbelievable. This clip is so incredible. Bill Gates, he is, he's part of there's an archetype that all these people fill, right? And Bill Gates definitely fills the master of the universe type archetype. Now, I am not a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio's new movie on Netflix. Don't look up. Have you saw this Conor? But I will say that there is one actor, and there is one role in that movie. That screams Bill Gates. It's the billionaire adviser to the president who kind of has this beta male like fake way of kind of showing strength. Here's Bill Gates complimenting China. Play cut 26. I want to wish everyone in China, a very happy lunar new year. Just as the Tiger symbolizes vitality and health, our foundation has continued to work over this past year. The reason troubling and highly contagious on the variant means the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over. Since the onset of the pandemic, China has worked hard to not only contain the virus, but also contributed to closing the equity gap by supporting other countries with many different supplies, including great vaccines. That is unadulterated propaganda. I'm not going to make a

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