Peter Doocy and Jesse Watters Laugh off Joe Biden's 'S.O.B.' Comment


Peter and Fox News channels Jesse waters yesterday. There was a group of reporters that were all gathered. We listened to him explain the competition counsel, which is the reason that he's having this meeting with most of the cabinet. And somebody shot it out a question about Russia. And the president said, I'm not going to take questions right now about anything off topic. So I shouted out. Something that's not on my two pages of questions about crime. Okay, what about inflation, do you think inflation is a political liability? In the midterms. And then he said that. And I couldn't even hear him because people were shouting at us to get out, but somebody came up to me in the briefing room a few minutes later and said, did you hear what the president said? And I said, no, what? They said he called you a stupid SOB, and I said, did he say SOB in the person said, no. He did the elongated version. You know on time? So do you see, I think the president's right, you are a stupid. Yeah, nobody is fact checked in yet. No, it's given Pinocchio's for that one. That's classic. And that's the right. CNN never did that when Trump said something that they found offensive. MSNBC never I mean, they took Trump so seriously that they were thrown into fits of rage and hyperventilation.

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