Why Is Turkey Trying to Mediate the Ukraine-Russia Crisis?


Was interesting to me. I'm not exactly sure what's going on here, but we have turkey's Erdoğan is going to lend support to Ukraine. With the Kia visit, talk to us about the significance of that. What's your take on that? Yeah, that is really interesting because Erdoğan only does within the interest of everyone. But Erdoğan has had a number of budding heads with the Russians lately in the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia in Syria. And the last thing turkey wants is Russia to have control of the Black Sea. That significantly diminishes turkey's strategic interests. So yeah, the Turks like there's a lot of people that like to make nice with the Russians, go to the dinners, do business. But they know who the Russians are. And the last thing they want to do is to put their fate or trust in the Russians. So Erdoğan's just being a realist. He is siding with the Ukraine because a more powerful Russia in Europe is incredibly dangerous to turkey's interest.

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