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At eight one eight six zero to vote nine nine all right so we're gonna be all also want to say today is annual dad moratium day so every year onto like twentythird we celebrate dad's by calling our dads texting our dads messaging our dads intel in them personally from you facetoface or whatever messaging format you you what you admire about them okay and that's what we do every year every year jet on july twenty third we celebrate by admiring were we given them what we admire about their most all right so we have special guest in studio live right all right one of hollywood's most influential people in hollywood trust me she's an awardwinning actress ryder director producer in half a new movie hitting theaters october the six the movie is called dog park in this movie he is especially dear to me because i worked on the project you all yes the naked coachman be at work on this real as an associate producer and also i eight eight the first aid the ohio now all right so so let's say that i wore many hats province seeming grocery stores with two three hats on some time times realize so you know why i'm just one of those kind of boot so from this collaboration all right an incredible cast and crew we were able to produce this bit accu romantic comedy always always known j to be able to produce some nickerson movie drama romantic mccarthy in no she was this town as they were comedy see latest film out this is an amazing feel uaw or going to love it it really confirms her vast range and feel making an invaluable talent and give to the industry to the whole industry please welcome you all to my studio into negga radio miss jaejean east dixon jay whoo so today we're going to be talking about the movie but of course i want to drop a little nugget on y'all wouldn't be the.

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