The movie was pushed into production after the massive success of the sound of music


Paint your wagon was based on a hit broadway play although under the auspices of screenwriter patti chong f ski and director joshua logan who you'll remembers the quickly discarded wouldbe jane fonda van golly the plot was changed considerably the movie was pushed into production after the massive success of the sound of music but logan was savvy enough to recognize that movies like bonnie and clyde undergraduate were making bank by speaking to a new generation so the threeway relationship was invented for the film supposedly as a sop to the hippies gene described her character as a nineteenth century flower child if you watched the movie with the idea that it's really about the late '60s version of free love in mind then the eventual total breakdown of communal living that it depicts could be seen as in line with the apocalyptic ends of contemporary any est movies with actual counter cultural cried such as of risky point and easy rider but paint your waggin was never considered cool not even by the dying studio system that desperately produced it in an effort to save itself the film quickly went way over budget in part because director joshua logan chose a location that was so far away from the nearest town that the cast and crew had to be airlifted onto set every day by helicopter though it was a significant box office head eight couldn't make back its production costs and soon paint your wagon would become synonymous with the bloated square studio system that had to be broken down by a new generation and built up again robert evans who was beginning his stint as head of production at paramount when paint your wagon went into production used the film as an example of the fact that playing by the old hollywood rules was no longer working evans then showed everyone in the industry an alternative way of doing things with the godfather.

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