She told garang she now only wanted to work with female filmmakers


Jane believed in what the movie was ostensibly about and like jayne good dr was sympathetic to the vietnamese people but after arriving in paris jane had second thoughts and she tried to back out of the movie she told garang she now only wanted to work with female filmmakers vis didn't work jane had signed a contract and the films financing was in large part dependent on her participation and that of her costar if mongtong good dr got into a nearfatal motorcycle accident right before filming and emerged from a coma in need of much physical therapy but the show still went on with good dr in bad shape his vision was carry out on set by jeanpierre go wrong it's easy to see why jane would would've wanted out of two thought beyond the movie is often fascinating always interesting to look at and frequently very funny even if the political moment that a document is so highly specific and so french that it can be difficult to relate to all of that said garang and gdr's use of jane fonda seems like a clear effort to exploit her stardom for their commercial purposes while refusing to treat her or allowing her to behave like a star within the frame of the film the filmmakers winkett this at the beginning of the film we see a hand writing checks for costumes film stock and all the sundry costs of making a movie and an offscreen female voice says.

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