A highlight from The Professional Rule Breaker Episode 59 - Redefining Sales with a Touch of Positivity with Hicham John Elanmati



I tell people, forget the numbers. The numbers will come by default if you just do it. It's it's it's again, it's a number game, right? But so it's a low of average. You're going to you need to talk to a lot more people, right? That's one, two. You need to be not looking like, oh, I'm going to get my one for the day or two for the day, right? You just want to you want to look at, you know, for a month, whatever your target is, you're going to look at like how many people among a service and help and give them a solution today. And every day I want to serve and help more people. And so if you go with that mindset and you actually have that real attitude about it, people will just love to actually get that service and product from you. And they're going to continue doing that. And you'll see the numbers coming in like from nowhere. Like, you know, they'll be like, oh, I just you know, I was told about you from so on and so forth. And then you get another call, you get an email, a text and then you build in business. And imagine if you did this every day and every month to get new referrals. I mean, your numbers are going to multiply. It's going to be exponential growth. Absolutely. Absolutely. And I love how you said that, because I think even just getting up in the morning, OK, who am I going to help today? Instead of going, oh, I have to do all these things. Completely changes your attitude first thing in the morning, right? Well, welcome back to the Professional Worldbreaker podcast. I'm your host, Kathy Walterhouse, and I'm known as the professional rule breaker. But I have to say, my guest today is also a professional rule breaker. You might remember his name. His name is Hurricane H. That's actually his nickname that he goes by, because this is part two of my interview with my friend Hurricane. I want to ask you this question. For the people out there, since you're a sales guru, too, for the people out there that are struggling in sales. Can you give them some advice on what to do? So it's a big word struggle in sales. I mean, what level of struggle they have, right? I mean, is it finding the customers? Is it is it pitching? Is it closing? I mean, that's the other. I mean, is it because there's a prospect in writing and just finding the opportunity. And sometimes you have the opportunity. You just can't close because you are afraid to ask for, for example, money. A lot of people have that problem, right? Yeah. So so it's it's understanding. First of all, you said the key word you have to be. You have to have the signature. You have to be honest. You have to be. I think we had that discussion in the previous show you and I had. It's about having that that direct personality, that you are not just bullshit in people. If people if you have a solution, that's going to work and you believe in it. That's the other thing. You can't sell something. You don't believe it. I'm sorry. You can sell it, you know, but you will struggle because you will be very difficult and people can read through. You might sell it to a few, but not to to the many that you want to. Is you want to make sure that you are an expert in what you say and what you do and your whatever industry, because that's the other part, because people are going to not only want a solution, but they want to know how it's going to apply to them. And also you need to be able to understand what the needs are from these people, which means you have to do a little bit more digging. So I have you in front of me as a potential prospect. But what does that mean? Nothing. And I know that you might need the service, but I need to know everything about you, whether the service and what part of the service is going to work and what may not work. And if and if I give you all those things, you almost basically sold already. You see, and that's one. So that's that's that's that's in terms of as interacting prospecting is I I hate, for example, something I see all the time. I get solicitations on LinkedIn all the time. Oh, my gosh. Oh, yes. Well, here's the thing. I look at them like, do you look at my profile? Do you see like what what might what I do? I mean, if if if if you see what I do, you probably will not even reach out to me because I'm not your customer. Right. You know, exactly how would you do that? So that's that's the thing. That's your struggle. So you can't be just automated, you know, automated, you know, level here. You have to have an understanding of who is your audience. What do you sound who you sound to what you sound and all this stuff. That's one. So the struggle is not real. The struggle is just a lack of understanding of where you are. Some people are in sales and there's pressure in sales. I think that's the other part, because you're being pushed, you you crumble and you just basically start like, you know, just scrambling things, you know, and you're not really. I mean, if you use I use a smart, you know, formula, right? You have to be specific, measurable, all that stuff. You know, if you use that, you know, and standing every single thing, if I meet with you, we're going to go step by step. The smart piece, the measurable piece, you know, the actionable and so on. So when we're going to go step by step and make it, I need to have an understanding of what it is. And I'm not going to go to everybody now. There is a customer, I always say this. There's a customer for every product or service, and there's a product and service for every customer or person out there. Is mine there? You're not going to sell the world. I mean, you could. Depends on what you have. I mean, if you if you sell the water, you think I think you can sell to everybody. You know, so it depends what you have. But the struggles are difficult if you're not really engaged properly or really if your heart into it. Because, again, if you're lying to sell or using pressure tactics, you're going to struggle a lot because people are going to read through you and, you know, nobody's going to invite you in. And even if you did, you're not going to be able to move past the first few minutes. Thank you very much. I'm not interested. Have a good day. Bye bye. That's it. You know, we'll call you later. You know, that's what's going to happen now. If they you know, we I, I use this in training. You want to have spent some time with your prospect. Get to know them. And when you go and spend 20 minutes, 30 minutes, if you have to, you know, bullshit with them, you know, I'm talking about, like, you know, just socialize, you know, get to know them more. And by the way, if they spend 20, 30 minutes with you, they're not going to spend a lot more time with other people if they are your competitions, because you already they already gave you that time. But if you make it profitable in terms to their benefit, in terms of their time, in terms of like, you know, connect with them, you know, from from really, you know, the the good stuff, you know, they're going to want to hear more from you and they're going to believe that you are correct, you know, that you're honest and stuff, because you are genuine. You know, when you're doing that, if you're just coming in straight to the for the kill and you just want to throw, you know, this life and you just go like robotic, like what you have to expect from any salesperson. You end it right there. And they're just basically going to be very cool. But if you open up to them, they open up to you. You have a better chance to move to the next stage. And not only that, if they like you all day on to Raj is yours. And in sales and true business is your referral, you know, is where your best bet is. You can use all the market in the world. You know, your your open rate and your close ratios are going to be very small. You know, you have to talk to thousands to get a few hundreds to actually close a few times, you know. And if you actually have a good referral system and people are going to say, hey, talk to Kathy, she's great. Oh, I'm talking to Kathy because, you know, I know the best of all. I mean, that's the easiest sale out there, isn't it? The referrals, I mean, and the funny thing is, do you find that a lot of people don't ask for referrals, like a lot of salespeople? I'm like, how do you not ask for a referral if you've done a really good job with a customer and you've really helped them and they love you? Why on earth aren't you asking for a referral or even asking, hey, do you know this person? Like, let's say you have somebody that you have always wanted to get in front of. And for whatever reason, you can't. Why not ask one of your other customers? Hey, do you happen to know them? I do better. Yeah, I do better. When when I meet with people, I will. And when I also train my team, I tell them, when you are trying to get in an appointment, you know, as them. Is there anybody else that you'd like to invite your neighbors, your family that, you know, since I'm going to be there, anyways, let's just talk and see, you know, how I can benefit everybody. You can pre almost get your referrals, not even getting them later now. But you're right. People great point. Great point. Yeah. It doesn't take much. Right. I mean, you know, I'm just I'm presenting to one or 10. It's the same thing. Right. So I can I can it's the same pitch and I'll get more engagement. I'll have more fun with them. And that's it. I mean, think about a seminar. Right. Same concept. You just have more people in my room. Same concept here that you can do that. And it's it's a wholesale opportunity. But I think the main problem why people don't ask is the same problem where they don't close, what they don't ask for the close or because they're just, you know, not smart enough to realize that this is not a it's a number game one, number one, and you're not going to win by onesies. You're going to win in wholesale opportunities and you're going to get more of the referrals. People have to like you and they see the value and you have to deliver also. And then then they can they can realize because I guarantee you right now, anyone watching, you don't just tell your friends to go to anyone that you don't like. You're going to tell them, absolutely use my lawyer, use my construction guy. You use my my my attorney, use my I don't know, my CPA, whatever you always give them the ones that, you know, don't use this one because he is bad or she's bad. That's right. We say exactly that. So if we are using that rule, then as salespeople, we also know that that applies to us as humans. We have to apply the same thing. And you got to be perfect at it. And by the way, ask for it. I mean, it's not going to what's the worst that can happen, right? They're going to say, how do you say that? What's the worst that can happen? That's the thing that I always try to train people on, right? What's the worst that can happen? Yes, for the sale. Well, here's the thing. Well, the sale definitely you want, but the sale or anything or even just trying something. Yeah. We start with zero. Then then you're everything else is ahead of zero. So you're good. You know, I mean, remember, this is the part where I think most people in the world struggle talking about struggle is that you have your stuff from a point where there's nothing. Anything else is better than nothing. So so you're you're still ahead of the game the minute you start doing something. Right. Right. Right. I mean, because that's what it is. We start from from not having whatever we are looking for and then we start building to get whatever we want. And so so the problem is, I think when people get somewhere, it's hard to come back to that point of zero. But if you actually determined in your life that no matter what I go point zero, I'm still OK, then you're OK. Nothing's going to faze you and nothing's going to worry you because you always going to be able to restart. And that's the other thing. If you started once, you can start 10 ,000 times later. So and that's the other thing. It makes you better in sales. That's a rule. That's a rule. You know, it's actually you. You brought something up because if you had that mindset that you're talking about, isn't it a lot easier when you get the nose or, you know, because in sales you're going to get nose, whatever. Isn't it a lot easier than if you have that mindset that you were talking about to let it just roll off your shoulders? Because I had somebody that said to me, you know, how do you how do you just change your mindset? Like, I got a bunch of nose today. And how do you how do you snap out of it? And, you know, and it was an interesting question because for me, for the you know, because I've done this for so long, that stuff just rolls off my shoulders. Right. Because I believe in what it is that I'm doing. And it's not for everybody. I've actually been in situations when when we were talking and then I realized this is not for a person. Like, I'm sorry, but this is not for you. I don't think, you know, I thought this may be helping you. But no one more now. This is not for you. And literally, that's how the discussion went. But if you know someone else that you might think this would work, you know, I'll be more happy to talk to them again. So it happens. But but to that person that has that challenge of like, oh, my God, you know, I can't get over like all my objections today and my lack of closing. Well, here's the thing. It's just another day. There will be better days, another day, tomorrow you start fresh. Every day is a new beginning, a new day. You go for the max, you go for the best, you know, the most opportunities. And here's the best way I always presented to my teams is how many people want to help today? That's it. If you go with that again, idea is that I'm going to help people today. Whatever service or product I have. Of course, you have to believe, right? But if you do believe, first of all, if you don't believe in a product, you shouldn't be selling it. You should move to somewhere else. Absolutely. Yes. But if you believe in what you. Right. I mean, because. But sometimes people stay for years with the company and have just kind of like average results, you know, just because they don't. Yeah. A paycheck just because, you know, they don't want to move to somewhere else. And I'm not about average at all. I don't like average. I don't think you do either. Well, you know, it's a joke. We don't we don't settle for 100 percent. It's it's 120 percent and beyond in sales. But in life, too, you know, I think that's the part. Sales is life. I mean, it's just a different week. We almost lock it in in the concept of sales. But we do this every day. I mean, you can't settle for for average or for nothing. I mean, in life. I mean, that's if you do. That's when you don't see results in life and you're like, what's going on? Why my life is not going, you know, in a good direction. I don't see me doing anything. Well, that's because you're settling. I mean, you you have to keep moving. You got to keep doing stuff and just improving your lifestyle slowly. But truly, it doesn't have to be extravagant stuff. I'm talking about just basic stuff. If it fulfills you, that's it. That's that's important. But to your point, if if you're in sales and there's a target, there's stuff, you know, you don't go look beyond the target. So that's the other thing. You know, I tell people forget the numbers. The numbers will come by default if you just do it. It's it's it's against and I'm a game. Right. But so it's a low of average. You got to you need to talk to a lot more people. Right. That's one, two. You need to be not looking like, oh, I'm going to get my one for the day or two for the day. Right. You just want to you want to look at, you know, for a month, whatever your target is, you're going to look at like how many people among a service and help and give them a solution today. And every day I want to serve and help more people. And so if you go with that mindset and you actually have that real attitude about it, people will just love to actually get that service and product from you. And they're going to continue doing that. And you'll see the numbers coming in like from nowhere, like, you know, they'll be like, oh, I just you know, I was told about you from so on and so forth. And then I get another call, get an email, a text. And then you build in business. And imagine if you did this every day and every month you get new referrals. I mean, your numbers are going to multiply. It's going to be exponential growth. Absolutely. Absolutely. And I love how you said that, because I think even just getting up in the morning, OK, who am I going to help today? You know, what am I? You know, instead of going, oh, you know, I have to do all these things. I know. Who am I going to help today? Yeah. Completely changes your attitude first thing in the morning. Right. Because it's not this grocery list of things that you have to do, but you get to do something cool. You get to make a difference in somebody's life. Right. But yeah, I laugh about it because, you know, I always tell people this is not it is not for everyone. Right. But you have to have fun with it. You got to enjoy every moment of it. You know what? I tell my team, you know, we all my teams, you know, over the years, I always say this. We all bullshit every day. I mean, literally, everybody talks, right? I mean, people talk every day. You cannot look at two or three people in anywhere that are quiet unless they're looking on the phone. They're chatting and they're chatting just nonsense sometimes and maybe positive stuff. I don't know whatever they chatted. But the point I tell people is like we use the same skill to help people and help ourselves by helping others. And so that's all there is. So enjoy the moment. Enjoy how it is. Learn your stuff and be good there. Be with the mission to help more. And you're going to find people just really motivated to come to you and refer you to others. And they'll they'll they'll be your best actually promoters. And that's the thing in sales. You want people like, oh, you want to talk to the cat, talk to the cat. And that's how it's going to go. Now, if you're not that at that level, you can evolve to that. But but you have to reconfigure your own approach about it. But you're right. The morning is everything. You wake up in the morning, a new day. I'm going to have the best day today. And every day is your best day. You know, that's it. Yesterday's gone. Now, you might have terrible days every now and then. But I guarantee you, if you did it correctly, you're going to have a lot less terrible days and a lot more positive days and productive days. And just it works. I don't know how it does, because your attitude makes a difference. Your energy makes a difference. If you go into people and you know, and you're just robotic and slow and you're not clear or you're not able to answer the questions that I'm purposely slow in my speech, you know, that's kind of like, you know, the vibe, you know, is I killed the vibe right there. I went from high pitch to low pitch. Right. The same concept in sales. If you're like now there's there's a hesitation. People always say, oh, he's the sales guy. She's a sales guy. And we're not really salespeople. I always refer to ourselves as advisors or consultants. And that's when you actually differentiate. That's it. We're here to we're providing a solution. I don't have to sell you like the piece of the puzzle. We can help them, you know, with that. We yeah, we identify we match, you know, the product to the right, you know, potential prospect for it. That's all service. And that's the thing. You don't have to pay. I mean, sales is a process. It's it's it's an artisan. There's a science behind it. There's methodology and all stuff. That's the technical stuff. But in essence, it is still an exchange of ideas and an exchange of personal feelings and energy. And if I do the right thing with you and I do it correctly, you know, first of all, obviously, you don't want to be pitching the wrong audience because you're going to have a lot of nose. And then that's the other. So talking about your first question about the struggle, if you prospecting in the wrong place and the example of people are just coming to me for the wrong, you know, aspect of things. I'm not going to be your customer. So therefore, you're just wasting time. And then you're going to probably like, I hit 10 ,000 people today and I got none. I did a 10 ,000 people you need to reach out. Oh, you can hit one person. That is correct. And then it's over. Yeah. And if you're spamming, you're going to get a bad name, too, in addition to that. And that's the last thing you want is is to spam someone. Let me ask you this, because I know you are a rule breaker. So what makes you a rule breaker? Have you always been a rule breaker? I bet you have. Oh, I've always been. I've always dressed different, different. I don't do I don't do what others do. I do my I do me. I mean, when I was a kid, you know, so it's a good joke. You know, most of my kids, you know, my, my, my, at least in my my age group in my neighborhood, they played soccer. Right. Football. Right. Well, football in Europe and soccer here. So and so for me, I went to martial arts. So I was different. You know, you know, I did gymnastics, believe it or not, for a year. Most most guys were not gymnastics. I did, you know, at least not in that age group. When breakdance began, you know, became something. I was one of the first breakdancers, you know, and doing my thing there. They used to call me like, you know, breakdance guy, you know. So I've always got something different. I dress differently. I talk differently. I did different things. I do more things than, you know, I should. You know, sometimes I do two, three things at the same time in business. The same thing. If if if literally we look at my industry and most people would not recognize that today, but it is a fact. A lot of the things that are used in the industry, I used them before anybody else did them. I actually started them. And now, unfortunately, we don't copyright these things. We work for companies. You know, you just do them and the companies take them and they become theirs and then other companies copy from them. But a lot of the practices, I actually wrote the book for them, you know, in the 90s, and they were copied. And they're now part of the industry, stuff like that. So I even, you know, use processes that that most of the plants, let's say, in my world. And today they still don't do it. And I'm good example. I'll give you an example. So it's concrete in our business with the Medicare, you know, business. You know, you present to beneficiaries and most of the people we know, telesales is one thing, you know, you record. But but when you do formal sales in person sales, you don't record. I started recording presentations and acknowledgment of of actually signing up and rolling the plan back in 2015.

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