A highlight from Bitcoin PUMPS on Bullish Europe Inflation!


Hey, everybody. Let's discover crypto. I was seeing if it was going to come back in a camera frame. It is Tuesday, September 19th. It's 11 .33am. Thank you for joining, everybody. We got AJ and Drew on the 1s and 2s. How are we all doing today? Another day in the life. It's Tuesday. Okay, okay. I thought that said XRP for a second. No, that's EXP. Express. Yeah. Okay, okay. That's what I'm wearing. That's what I'm wearing. It's today's show brought to you by Express. Nice. You know it is brought to you by the Express conduit of information flowing directly into your brain. That is discover crypto. We also got Drew on the on the board here. Now, Drew, you were late today. You're looking for a F -35, right? Yeah. No luck. No, no luck. There is a debris field in South Carolina. I don't know if you've seen that. You know, it's kind of just incredible that you act like you can lose an F -35. You know that. I mean, you've got to assume that there's some tracking systems on one of the most advanced technologically advanced hardware. No, it has stealth capabilities, and they turn it on. It's like I understand, like, you know, losing your sunglasses. Yeah. You know, I understand losing your wallet or your cell phone or like my ID on a plane that has happened. But to lose an airplane, I don't know, man. It doesn't add up to me. Where are you at? So it is like they lose three million dollars on a seed phrase or a hard drive in a landfill. Right. That's easy to lose. That's easy. Yeah. It's you know, it's this small, you know, it's in a gigantic landfill. Yeah. No, we have something like cruising around. I've heard that NASA, they can track everything bigger than a football. So that probably means everything bigger than a softball. Pretty much. Yeah. Well, you know, the Pentagon does lose trillions of dollars at a time from here and there. So it does happen. I know that they misplaced trillions of dollars. Things happen. DN says they have one for sale. I don't know if you guys saw that. Was it Craigslist ad? And it was like F -35, I have to move this thing fast. You know, it's like in South Carolina. It was pretty funny. That's hilarious. Guys, make sure you are sub to the channel. We putting out the lives, putting out the shorts, putting out the videos on the regular AJ. What is your next price prediction? I think I'm going to do it on Casper. I've had a lot of people asking me about a Casper video, just so many because, you know, it's. But the thing with this video is that with the all the other videos, I can go back and like look at, you know, all the previous price action, the previous dominance levels, the previous market with this. It's like, here we go. It's basically just a video on its tokenomics and a range of like what's going to be possible with its market cap compared to other coins that are doing a similar, you know, kind of thing that they're doing. So I'm excited to dive into it. Haven't done it yet. Probably going to film Thursday. Well, make a price prediction video where it goes to a penny so that I could buy a bunch. But speaking of prices, let's look at the crypto prices for today. It looks like the markets are maybe slightly edging up. We're going to go ahead and refresh this just to make sure. Yeah, it is a slight movement to the upside here. 0 .3%. We have 24 hour volume coming in at 38 billion dollars. Bitcoin dominance. I think is up 0 .1. It was 47 .3 is now 47 .4. And we have gas really, really low coming in at 18 gwei. Bitcoin is up slightly 0 .6%. So not a whole lot. The one hour candle is bigger than the entire 24 hours. So we went from negative into the positive in the last 24 hours. Ethereum still playing catch up, still down slightly. BNB down slightly. Lido staked Ether down slightly, but Cardano up above 1 % and Dogecoin up above 1 % and Solana up exactly 1%. Matic 2 up .2%. Polkadot, I think it got a little bit of bad news lately, right? It's down 1 .1%. All these are not really moving too much. We have Chainlink cooling down. Cooling down, it was, you know, close to 10 % now coming in at 1 .6%. So 15 % for the week. What about the biggest gainers? And guys, I haven't checked this and today I have a good feeling. Today, none of my coins are going to be in the top losers. How do I know? I don't know. I'm just trying to manifest it because I think this is a simulation. If I say it and I believe it, I'll make it happen, everybody.

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