A highlight from Rising Grocery and Gas Prices: A Burden on Americans

The Financial Guys


At some point we have to start deciding whether we are going to be Americans together and take back our country and the values that made this country great or if we're going to continue to fight amongst each other while the politicians cash the checks day after day after day. All right welcome back Mike Lohme is going to wiggle financial guys place where money meets politics and we're going to be once again all over the place I think I say that each and every week we just choose each other's stuff and we usually are we always are yeah there's never any there's never any any format to this it's just you know a lot of times we send texts back and forth to each other throughout the week and we grab some of it and figure out what the hot button is so if you need us throughout the week by the way 833 fin guys. Don let's start out with this I sent you this earlier today this is folks in Queens who are just beyond disgusted with what's happening with their neighborhood if you listen closely you know because these immigrants are all over but also basically now they have them tented out in front of elementary schools which you know with their track record with the track record here in Erie County of five or six out of every 50 committing felonies I can't think of a better place than to put them in front of an elementary school.

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