Let's overreact to Week 8: The 49ers are the NFL's best team

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I think that what we want to talk about our vise lows the NFL season so far and highs at this point are the Sansko forty niners it's the New England patriots to undefeated teams and then we want to get into Adam gays who want to get into Freddie Kitchens in WanNa get into the Chicago bears those I probably don't need to say are the lows of the nfl let's start with the great teams the teams that are that are undefeated mic Bosa and San Francisco Forty niners so this was so we talked about this last week where essentially both of the undefeated teams have been dogged by this Weirdo they haven't played anybody and eventually as maze I talked about last week eventually you know this is just the NFL they're beating up on these bad teams because there's just too many bad NFL team that's sort of the way things are going right now there's like five good teams that are quote unquote nice schedule winds and then there's twenty-seven teams who are who everyone considers inferior one AA competition Ravin said that the forty niners host the Carolina Panthers on Sunday they win fifty one to thirteen the panthers where the fifth ranked offense in the NFL all fifteen th ranked defense Nick Bosa three sacks three tackles for loss one pass break up and one interception return for forty six yards the forty niners I I I don't feel the need to say there will jit because we already knew their religion you've written about this this was the type of win that I August isn't very analytical this shuts people up oh yeah I mean this is this is what they call a statement when I think the most points they've scored since ninety three or something like that I saw that today Yup yeah type of win where if there was college they would get like twenty more first place votes this week exactly kind of win they wouldn't jump over the Patriots but it'd be getting close yeah I mean this what stood out to you when you just looked at I mean it was as complete performance you can get it turning that stood out that maybe I mentioned already I mean yeah obviously the defense I think has been the foundation that they've been operating on this year they've -pletely remade that front seven I should say the front the Front Line Nick Bosa you know changes everything default has been good deforest buckner is just playing out in elite level still Eric Armstead has been playing really really well as you know two and then I actually saw Solomon Thomas make a really good play today too I mean they've got guys they've got it reminds me a little bit of the rams of old in one sense that they spent several years of like accumulating talent and it's finding all starting to kind of click together her and their defense is looks like a juggernaut and then on the other side of the ball run game is just so dominant You know we saw we saw what they could do today. Seven Coleman really really good they've got like woman baby yeah they've got like four backs that could that could be their starter yeah they're just really really good so they they control the clock they it's such an old school method in you know it's it's funny because in the in the stage when passing is so much more efficient they're kind of breaking that rule that passing more efficient because when you can run with that level of efficiency in that level of explosiveness I mean it just you don't Oh you don't actually really need to pass that much because they've just been doing it sufficiently my favorite maybe event of twenty nineteen so far is field yates tweeted out most pass attempts prior to first career interception history number one is Dak Prescott number three was Kyle Allen after the game yeah Richard Sherman Seen this yet Richard Sherman quote tweeted that tweet which is I'm so happy to have Richard Sherman back in our lives I talked with a couple of weeks ago but just like the thing where he may be made up that thing with Baker Mayfield I'm fine with it leveraged do whatever he wants he's back in the spotlight he's GonNa Talk unquote tweet field Yates tweets about say element Mayo hundred percent on the rich German experience back to hit a piano yeah I know this is a pro Richard Sherman podcast now I think it's really interesting what happens now in the NFC obviously the Green Bay packers won tonight there are no drew breeze comes back with the saints and they look like they didn't miss a beat obviously you know teddy bridgewater is a very good quarterback while he was aperture breezes he's wearing your mind is the pecking order in the NFC and are the niners significantly above those other two teams man that's such a good question I really like The saints still I think the fact that they were able to do what they did go five zero at bridgewater and just Kinda keep going you know keep them momentum going forward I think they are still one of the favorites I would say you know it San Francisco New Orleans one and the packers just slightly below that but with the way that Aaron Rodgers has been playing last couple of weeks there certainly scary I think their defense has taken a little bit of a step back so there may be not quite as balanced as we thought they were but yeah I mean I think those are clear top three teams there's no question about that and then you could you know make arguments for the vikings or whoever but yeah I think those are like the like the cream of the crop for share in then there's a bunch of other teams speaking of the cream of the Crop New England patriots okay so the stats from the NFL the browns I can barely get throughout the browns had turnovers on three consecutive offensive plays against the Patriots that is the first time any team has done so since week one twenty twelve only the seventh time it's been done since two thousand this is not good if you're the browns we're GonNa get to the browns and are very robust stocks downs section a little bit but this patriots team unfortunately this is not kind of the schedule will win that we thought it was going to be you know the niners get there's the browns are not as good as the panthers the browns have been kind of a disaster but this was just another performance Devin mccourty looks like maybe defensive player of the year candidate the defense he just unbelievable in Baker Mayfield after the game said that the Patriots didn't do anything confuse them they were just playing really well yeah and you you kinda wonder like isn't that the worst case scenario for a team is the they're not doing anything new there just being the crap out of you I mean it was amazing when you think about this patriots defense what comes to mind yeah I think a couple of things going to mind number one discipline that's kind of a hallmark of the belichick teams is just being really disciplined like you know obviously Cliche do your job or whatever that's the first thing versatility you know they're able to play it's

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