Arrest made after deadly ambush that killed US family in Mexico


Service let's go to Mexico now the president that has set up a special commission to find out who was behind an ambush wet six children and the mother is lost their lives they were from the Mormon community major drug cartels under suspicion the road ambush was the deadliest attack on US citizens in Mexico in recent memory as I said the victims came from prominent local families including the liberals and long fronts jul citizens of both Mexico and the United States officials said the nine could have been victims of mistaken identity given the high number of violent confrontations among warring drug gangs in the area so was it an accident all with a family deliberately targeted and that some of them is a former Deputy Assistant director of defense at the Pentagon and also at the White House she now works as a journalist presenting a weekly show on security in Mexico it's hard to figure out really what happened because there's very confusing collisions coming out bowls from the government and just some of my sources which to argue that it was an accident they did know that those who were in the car were women and children there were two different cars there is information from one of the children that survived that the mother and come out and start screaming in the cars full of children please don't shoot when the other car that they shot at they bring the car and pulls the babies and the mother died basically burns so they knew that there was children and another car so it's not that they were confusing these people with you know another drug cartel leader or something like that that just happen to be in that part of the country driving this road so they knew they were killing women and children the question is line we now know family members have said that the Mormon community in northern Mexico from where this family K. unknown to speaking outs about cartel violence they received threats in the pause yeah I because this adds to the picture of not an accident maybe a deliberate targeting and that's one of the investigations that is taking place that there had been some type of confrontation although we don't have information that that exactly happened that there may have been some type of confrontation with these families there's another discussion taking place where there are these fights for the trafficking routes in that part of the country in which the head of the organization just basically ordered to shoot at anyone who's going down the road that's another theory but the bottom line is in a country where you know you have very violent criminal organizations some could argue that someone was violent criminalization is in the world this case in particular the way these women were killed in these babies were killed and burned it is clearly out of the number ma'am unit has shocked the nation that has shocked to Mexico and there will be a lot of pressure from the US government to make sure that this case is was all you know some of these what to this area and has deep knowledge of these kind of cartels this seems to be off the scale in turn it is it's the property and the fight that knowing who the targets were you would still carry on with your tight you would burn a vehicle with with children and babies in its on this thirteen year old survivor we've had his testimony now hiding his siblings walking for fourteen miles has this reached a new low even from your experience it has it has you know we've been going back I have a team of experts that participate on when the mind shows security experts in you know we're kind of going back and trying to find specific cases of these type of violence against children in the it is out there but usually has banned the use of this violence against other cartel leaders children not in this fashion and it is very public I mean the difference now is that we have a lot of images and a lot of information not only as to what happens but about the victims no the pictures and media videos of these children are being broadcasted all over Mexico and the United States so it it's called rendus tragedy and because the US government is pressuring to find who did this could be solved I mean I think they're venture going to find out who did it and why they did it the problem is with those cases where they're killing in them young people and they're killing children around the country those cases are just not getting some Mexico is living through a semi or in different parts of the country it's quite violent as an aside as a former Deputy Assistant secretary of defense at the Pentagon also worked at the White House and we do no arrests have now been made in the hunt for the people behind

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