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PODCAST is your source for the field goods. The feel good vibes. Those field vibes glitter glitter. In your in your calling you have a particularly memorable volunteering experience. That's such a good question. Thank you yeah you know as an adult I I have done very very little volunteering. We're we're dirty laundry. I will say in college. I volunteered appeared at a shelter for for dogs. Yeah one thing I remember very clearly is we had a woman come in who is older and in in tiny little lady and she was beside herself very upset because she was looking for her dog. She couldn't find her dog and she asked if she could look through the Kennels Dell's to see if he'd been brought brought there and she found him and he was so happy to see her and he was like basically her height like hers. Pause came to her shoulders. I mean he was enormous big Doug. Big Dogs Milady. Big Dogs Small Lady. That was heartwarming. That's great I know you've done some. I'm really cool volunteering the elect. Can you tell me what you've done lately. My wife really loves volunteering with a Rod McDonald House and I've done a few uh of her events there and it's a great organization can't recommend it enough you go and like cook meals for families who have a child child in the hospital just one one of the most heart warming things you can do because you're just if you can take one thing to do list like make dinner or even find dinner then. You're helping out people who are already in a really rough spot so Ronald McDonald's house is one way that people can help families families and people who are in the hospital but we have recently spoken with someone who is volunteering with different. Different program. Does one's called open heart magic so you guys might remember way way back at almost the start of the show when meal interviewed a pizza. I'm just not going to the park all right you happy with that card. I am pleased. Okay one more time someone stop stop. Put your card back face down inside inside the deck. I have done that okay. So now I'm going to go ahead and shuffled these up right. Would you be amazed if your car jumped from the middle right up to the top. I like that I would be shocked. ACT But that's not a really wasn't no was a day we have a real treat for you. We're talking with another magician but this magician goes to hospitals and does magic kids we are joined today by Andrew. Knox Hi Andrew. Hi Andrew is a man about town town and an actor a very funny talented actor with the second city specifically we. We're going to talk with him today about a charity already in the city of Chicago called open heart magic and my understanding Edrich. Correct me if I'm wrong is that I well thank you. I need to be checked. open-heart magic teaches and trains bedside magicians to go in to hospitals and do close up magic with kids who are sick nick and maybe not having the best time in the hospital. Yes that is right. Yeah and then there's also an aspect where we teach the kids to do a trick curtailed while you leave. What's the secret lesson with them? So that they can do that trick to their friends and family you have to be sort of trained and certified to go with two to perform with really sick. It's like maybe you can't even touch or yeah so that that seems like this is not just your normal birthday magician stuff. Yeah no no not at all and sometimes I mean depending on what somebody situation as you might have to put on a down a mask and then we're doing close at magic so it's like card tricks or various stuff with your hands and you've got to wear like these rubber gloves latex gloves which obviously makes things challenging algae. You're a talented musician. Yeah I mean I mess up all the time but then it becomes more of a comedy Virginia in trouble show but did you do magic as kid. I did not know so doing this magic with these kids. Sort of your first go at it yet. Other than those tricks. That kind of everybody knows. But what's interesting is my grandfather who I only who was only live for like for six months of my life was a doctor and he did magic and was really into magic and like hypnosis and stuff so I always sort of knew about it. Oh that's cool. I I never did it. What have you learned from doing this kind of work with with kids but also kids that are dealing with sickness? I think in this seemed so intuitive it just that all kids our kids you know because you could walk into a room and depending on. Somebody's situation what they're going through can be very apparent and that can be what you focus. Focus on maybe but in this case we're just whatever the kids age is or their ability. Were choosing tricks based on that to show them or to teach them and immediately they just become every kid you know of just excited or giving you a hard time or they want to catch you and see you mess up which is just I. I mean it's the best and then when they get to do a trick or learn one. It's fun to see them. Being like a position of power kids have the ability ability to put you in the moment. Yes instead of the bigger picture which is like they're dealing with this thing. You're in like very tiny moment with them and that and that's that exchange totally totally You kind of have no choice. Can you tell me about the training program. It's an intense training program. Yeah Magic University magic you yeah magic you but yes you learn a ton of different tricks and then even after Magic University. There's more tricks that you learn sort of test out of but also a large component ended of it is learning what you can and can't do in a hospital. What certain signs meanwhile you need to check it the door or you know various different things that are like hip related? But then you're doing tricks you've got to learn how to do tricks for potentially people who don't speak your language or various ages So we learn tricks with cards with balls with handkerchiefs. So there's a lot to. I prefer cards but walk us through. How does it how does it feel deal to go through the day and brighten up the day for a kid in the hospital? It feels amazing. I mean I was at comber hospital down by University of Chicago. So you get there You'll find out how many children are going to be visited that day and there's other volunteers with you so you sort of like divvy that lesson you'll see age you'll see if you do need to Be Putting on like gloves and a mask and a robe and all that some of these kids have been in the hospital for a longer amount of time so they know a lot of the. They've seen the tricks or they've learn tricks so at some sometimes you go into a room and they just want to do the tricks for you which is so much fun or because they potentially have seen maybe a version of what you're doing they can try to call you out or say I know what's next anytime when the tables have turned. They are like the person who's doing the trick or or the person who's in power is way more fun than when you're just doing tricks for the kid. It's less presentational and more interactive. Yeah totally end when they can just feel like. You're doing it wrong. I've seen another another magician. Came here on Tuesday and they did this way better than you saw. I would start walking room and I would just lead with like have you seen good magic nitric just okay. So it's a little different so the thing that I think is a little different about this. You're not going into the room and just showing tricks be Russell teaching the trick. Yes so that seems to be the major difference. Yeah and I wonder if you could speak to that a bit like why the focus. John Actually teaching the tricks rather than just like I think what they described at at all magic you and I think that definitely resonates in my experience is that kids. Don't especially in the hospital but also just in life don't get to make a lot of choices like they're just kind of told what to do so throughout your sort of routine you're giving them opportunities to be like what's your favorite color today as far as like a sharpie that you might use a trick or do you want your door half open closed or all the way open just as many choices as possible so that they feel like they are creating whatever the atmosphere is as opposed to somebody else so then the last thing we do is we'll teach them one trick and I think it empowers them just to get to do show other people this fun thing that only they know how to do but also kind of peek behind the curtain and After they've potentially been impressed hopefully over a few tricks to get to then learn how to do so cool. Thanks for listening. Do you have goodness great. Or maybe you WanNa tell us a joke. 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