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I learned to be comfortable in it just because it was unfamiliar to me when we started force awakens and not so much in how we were working on it but the scale and size of it. I'd never works on the just getting used to rhythm of a set being so long before we you know there's so many special effects and so many people on set I was used to just smaller groups the people in small rooms with like borrowed costumes. So I mean that's been but just like a smaller smaller people around and suddenly the set in itself is a huge theater for like one hundred people. I took me a while to get used to that. The rhythm in what like the technical part of the you know the CGI th the effects into me a while to get used to but because it was jj and because it was Ryan working on it apart from our costumes being dramatically different than anything. I'd worked before they made it feel like small independent movies. And that I had a preconceived idea that you know you were going to lose those conversations about the humanity and sake of the spectacle of it but B I J J. You don't lose any of that. The first conversations that we have were about the humanity of that character. How do we make that person? Not Two dimensional but someone you can watch breathing unscreened and and so. We didn't in that sense. It didn't feel that that-that markedly different. Did you take anything anything of Kylo. Yeah all sorts of stuff. I have a whole costume. Yeah they know you took it. Yeah Yeah Okay so this is not really taking anything I have two helmets. Have Light Sabers. I have all sorts of stuff. I don't want to do with the costume because right now it's just in a a box but I'm trying to be weird to see you at home. Basically with all right. Here's everyone war museum to me this week. So great and we'll just have this together could do that. All right a sanctuary you've got to-do anybody who comes and visits knows that star wars in terms of you looking at you do you watch yourself no. You don't do it. No I've seen things things like I watch star wars Somehow once but apart from tied down and forced to look at yourself yeah yeah yeah me and no one. I are having a debate about marriage story. You know It's hard to to watch myself for for lots of different reasons. You know you just critical of yourself self. Well it's that and also to kind of really absorb what's happening. You KINDA gotTa Watch it like three or four times to to practice. Not You know not thinking about you doing it and watch it four times. You can't do that and also I feel it just leads you to trying to well not only being self conscious but I kinda like orchestrating it onset so I went on the unaware and being unaware of. We're a camera is or you. You know what you're doing or how you look. I think sometimes we don't have that in life so no you don't have it so I don't want to. I'm not so curious I'm trying to make it look better her. You know unless you kind of have to the thing kind of requires visual well over most of the time. If it's a movie you can do that on the stage you could play Pale tonight and knowing what's going on internally and not really necessarily seeing what the outside is who do you trust you trust your wife. is she a good critic of you did she say she's a great great critic. is she kind or just ruthless. No she's ruthless. In a way that is Is Thoughtful not. I just like you know you suck. Let's let's let's split up but like yeah that would be that would be. I can't stay married to you. Know She's just this she's honest about it as is really good at articulating The good and bad in a way that you I kind of need in life I want. I don't want people around me telling May I also don't want a lot of people telling me what's wrong with it so you try to pick like one or two people that you trust their opinion and they say oh. Yeah that thing so you. You have a problem with. I can see but it doesn't register or or the opposite the thing that you think. It's working truly sucks. Isn't it also almost as bad when when the to me. It's all deserve what's happening to you. I'm really happy for you. Know that it is and you should trust it but I think any actor is a little bit. You know suspicious of this constant praise or you're going to win the Oscar for this sort of like you were nominated for Black Klansman and you get into that race. Do you try. I keep that out of your head. You have totally. I know. It's I think it's really I've been lucky and having people around me who are I mean like you know I'm I'm around my wife my family. They're very quick to tell me all the mistakes that you make and I don't I don't give that much. It's all good. Good all when you do win the Oscar for this which I think you should you should say how did this come from. Nobody around me. Even thinks I'm I'm good in so anyway. Congratulations on all of this. And again we come to the end of the show as we did the last where when I asked you to sing just a little moment I was having a good time. I'm not a singer right. And then Dan people go to marriage story and watch him do like a Sun High Aria being alive. I sat there watching. That was the only time it took me out of the movie. The Bachelor told me he can't sing anything and he does. Maybe the toughest eleven o'clock number number as they call them in Broadway history. How did you steal yourself or that moment? How come you didn't say to Noah Baumbach I can't it was different when you're like you know sing? Sing Sing Jingle Bells as you as opposed to sing a jingle bells okay. Don't you remember the song he did sing for me. No twinkle twinkle little. So I'm just asking uh-huh from Monaco Mall Man. Come on look at this fearless actor. No no no character and that's easier place. I don't know how Kylo Ren be. Would he actually listen to the Henry. The fifth singing twinkle. Drink a little stuff. No Ma'am Damn. I can't do twinkle twinkle. I won't do a little bit of something different. That's their that's being alive quite yet. It's panic time now. All the the world of a song relates to travel but I I don't have to sing the whole. Aw on my bags are packed. I'm ready to go. This is terrible. I'm standing here outside your door. And that's it the way I You're not leaving. I hate to wake you up to say goodbye so kiss me and smile for me talk. Tell me that you wait for me. Holy go on. I'm leaving now doubt. I trust me when you see marriage story. You'll hear what he he could do. Aren't you now going with less Carranza and making a shooting stick. You can't touch it like a nightmare. It's a nightmare so so much fun on that set. Yeah no it's not follow. Thank you actually is credible Komo news ago but it's like opera so we're doing this just a man but I to me. You could get away

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