Reports Show Jobs Are Plentiful. Why Are People Still Struggling To Find One?


You know if you want to find a job right now and you find out unemployment slow and so many jobs are creating you wonder why folks can't find that good job raises though a lot of questions about the kind of jobs that are being created in the low unemployment if you need a typical middle class or higher job you might find nothing available so the way I read into this is that there are this way our economy is changing the types of jobs that are available are changing and maybe it's it's a fair thing to say not all the changes for good because as opposed to the white collar wear a suit and tie to work company car for one K. kind of jobs are being replaced with lower wage lower skill jobs it's still a job big still need somebody to do it but is it like to get a job in a career that's kind of what it is if if you want a job working for left uber if you want a temp at that like one of these hollowing in pop up stores you are technically counted as employed I mean you're getting a paycheck right I guess you're getting a paycheck not a career and they don't pay as well so when you hear about the economic news of you know I'm I'm celebrating I'm not mad at a hundred twenty thousand jobs being created in October that's a good thing but again you take a look at what kind of jobs there's a there's a story I was reading and this is where we meet Laura Laura I had you know a great job as a marketing director and her company disbanded the one away she lost her job yeah and she is capped a job hunting diary this is something that she's always done so if you're looking for a job she always what you know what number jobs that I've applied for a white job MI applying for and what does it do all right so she can kind of keep track of these things and for she's been looking for a job now for over three years well and when asked how many John how many jobs have you applied for she was embarrassed to admit five hundred five zero zero and a lot of what's happening right now for her you know at first it might it did it may not have been a good fit or it didn't a lot of jobs and fit the parameters for what she was looking for she will arrive more than twenty five miles okay xi'an Jensen some standards which you know what your show it I'm not mad at that and over time she had to expanded I'll drive thirty five miles when you're down for life and never thought about applying for this now all apply for that and you can see through the years in her job diary how how her perspective is change she keeps taking classes she keeps her skills fresh which is also hearing from potential employers now three years out is that gap of unemployment scares them who that if you've been unemployed for an extended period of time a lot of them feel as though there's that that's a red flag even though she's been keeping her skills up and it's been very difficult for her to find a career employment I I think there is something to be said in a and and I would turn around and say that that this isn't nothing nothing to cheer about that the jobs of today's slash jobs of tomorrow we're going to look very differently a look very different from the jobs of the past as our economy technology automation whatever you want to call it starts to infiltrate more and more industries more more jobs there is going to have to be in a knowledge of it or an interesting ending that there's going to be a different skill set required in the future and I think it's very very difficult for people use this lady's example who have done one thing for so long and and done it well let's let's let's give her credit whatever what she was going really really good at it it just may not be a job that's needed much longer but she in here's where I where I feel for her and I feel for a lot of you listening right now she's doing everything right she struggles he still trust in classes on social media marketing yeah okay so this isn't just the you know yester year mad men kind of ad agency in marketing kind of stuff like she is is keeping those skills fresh yeah but yet still can't find those jobs and and she's she's done some contract work and she's not the only one this article who talked about how employers at times are looking down on contract work again that's another noon Ding against you and we find out that like yes hundred twenty eight thousand jobs created in October but a lot of them are are these these kind of temp jobs in one of four workers have unpredictable work schedules that's tough on families right one five were employed say they want to work more hours but can't get them wage growth is up less than three percent and we we always hear those stories of the percentage of Americans that wouldn't be able to absorb a four hundred dollar on and you know unexpected expense for an air conditioner or you know something that happens on your car I think the you know the economy is doing well yes and I think that that's a good thing but who's doing well for I was going to say that the the the if you look at these numbers and this isn't to to talk down about him again adding jobs is a good thing low unemployment the good thing full stop but not everyone's participating equally I think that might be a fair way to put it and I think the gap is widening and and there's plenty of data to back that up and again this isn't meant to be a political commentary by any stretch of imagination there are for the the middle class is shrinking as people are moving towards the edges you either have the the the gig economy you've got one two maybe three quote unquote part time jobs you do take you cobble together to make for one end and there's other people that are doing doing very very well for maybe a lot of their own doing good for them but how much is going to be left in the middle but as you see these these divergent lines arm what does our economy look like in the future you know and I think there's some really serious questions that a lot of folks should ask themselves you've you've heard people I mean if you're being honest with somebody politicians are never going to do it is could your job be outsourced automated when whatever it is and if the answer is yes well then it's incumbent upon you to start making decisions as to what you're going to do as opposed to crying foul when it actually happens I I use the term truck drivers and I I listen I got friends tribe big rigs and semi trucks all over the all over the country what the handwriting's on the wall well you know the the the the automated self driving this it's coming whether you won or not it's gonna happen you know one in and that reminds me what you're just saying right there about my dad and about my family okay you know my dad I got out of the navy and then went to work in a steel mill in Pittsburgh and may be what that's what you did back free worker working in the steel mill and and it was a great job but then the steel mills sort of the clothes any talk on employment and there were a lot of his buddies that said all the mills are gonna open up the bills are going to open up the bill's going to open up my dad's like that's that's gone and he took some time off and went back to his credit yeah and and there was a lot of pressure from our family to though for him to just go take a job any job just go in and he's a vinyl I'm gonna get an education and then really provide for a family and it really change the trajectory of our lives

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