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Filing into a freezing cold sound service. Hbo Max which is the company's attempt to plant it's interesting twists and turns and says a lot about the state of Warner media these days but her attempts at a Netflix competitor so they has access to HBO's entire library and their new programming is going to contribute at that's eighty eight at a small count you know that could likes obviously netflix is doing it on much larger magnitudes but if you look at peacock even if you and so if we're looking purely volume I think that Hbo Max at programming DC comics the entire looney Tunes Archive Harry got in there. Yeah I think you're seeing you know there's a fine line these companies with your monthly membership but also they just can't get to the level of net which is only half true right ultimately you which is really relying more on say it's brand and its core pieces But one of the things sort speaking to the exact point that you made one of the places where I the programming for the service for for Max for maximum tax so one of move to Max next year signed they announced that they're going to have the South Park Library first things he said when he came on stage was how much engagement they've seen how much data is so you start with your chief content officer talking about you know look at this library that we've amassed her obviously I think both pieces are very important but there is a little bit of ambiguity about aren't alone or if licensing alone yeah it's going to be the category yeah yeah and ten creative executive they had actually made Bob Green but boy they have a lot of creative executives over there that's maybe to kind of preview of the upcoming season's of H. B. O. shows new things coming out the ones that kind of get the most sort of critical and

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