Trump impeachment inquiry goes public


Impeachment inquiry becomes more public this week says Capitol Hill correspondent Linda Kenya on more information out there the matter Republican Tom reed says it's a good thing that the hearings are opening up but fellow Republican Kevin McCarthy tells CBS's face the nation the public hearings won't change a thing there's no transparency McCarthy says that's because the Democrats remain in control they now made the Intel committee the impeachment committee they now control even further about which Republicans could even ask questions they made Adam Schiff not only a fact witness but he's the judge the jury and the prosecutor that is on her death was unheard of systemic readily an angle or the actions of president trump the question you have to ask is did the president really sell out his country with a bribe to a foreign power to get involved in the president's personal political election has never been done by any president in the history of this country angle on ABC's this week is describing a quid pro quo on CNN's state of the union counselor to the president kellyanne Conway says a quid pro quo does not exist the rating president has said he didn't realize any aid was being held up quote he felt no pressure in this entire phone call is about two presidents have respective countries talking about how they got elected not truces Democrat Jackie spear there's no question now whether there was a quid pro quo she tells CBS's face the nation that's why the public phase of the investigation is so important I think you're going to see all of the transcripts they're going to be released probably within the next five days I don't know if they're all gonna be released on the same day but they're going to be very telling to the American people as for when this public face will officially be in that all depends says Steny Hoyer I don't know what witnesses are going to come for and what they're going to say what evidence will have to be pursued on CBS's face the nation house Majority Leader would only respond I think relatively soon house majority whip Jim Clyburn on CNN's state of the union wishes for one thing to come out of this process I believe that this whole process to me is about preserving this Republic protection to the marker say that we hold dear and I do not believe that we ought to allow political feelings to get in the middle of this maybe so but the impeachment process won't change anything says Republican Tom reed I understand people want this president remove we got election coming up here Katie year trust the American people let me see you get out of the way and let people lead this country

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