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Jerrelle Guy on Her New Cookbook 'Black Girl Baking'


Gerald how are you I'm doing really well thank you you were born in Lantana I guess it was an interesting place I I would say it was lower you right there was Jamaican Cuban Haitian food and culture so the food must have on my father's side you know things that my grandmother made just really really hardy she put ketchup in it which sounds strange now but it is nice sweetness so it was definitely you became a Vegan as a result in you so you really changed your entire dia in all of that so by becoming Vegan that sets you apart from your family and you know starch heavy because a lot of it too you know we're trying to feed a large food that I loved and I wanted to taste but that fit by Diet how I would watch the food network as a little girl and how I would see this huge contrast reality probably for a lot of people but even just the way that we approached and then she would leave like excess food in the ball I'm when she was transferring over were like who eats that like I don't know I didn't I didn't process yeah I was curious about what kind of world is that she could live in and not feel haning food scraps Just talk about that if you would for second no no I just got really inspired because I was going through this period where I was just very overwhelmed with mental state and so I was cleaning it out and I was taking my jars and I was that was really what I did with that project I just took old jars from my fridge and and it was just a fun project to help people think about ways that they can Belinda took over the Internet and the food it was a social media thing yeah that Aqua instead of egg white and aqua is just the Brian that you could get from just whip that up just like you would an egg white and then you just folded into instead of heavy cream oftens which my wife would look charcoal banana bread so it's and I think that it's just me you know I think that it it's all of the things it because I call the book that but I think that that's what makes it real you know like people on authenticity and food and just play with the techniques that you've learned then all of these new ideas just come up like it didn't feel like I was all whole wheat pastry flour mix it with white flour does that that because I feel like I can work it for a while because I have hot hands then I feel like sometimes I'm like you know depending on the temperature while you're there may Gerald thank you so much it was just a pleasure to speak with you I really enjoyed it thank you

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Jerrelle Guy on Her New Cookbook 'Black Girl Baking'

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