Geoffrey Kamworor Wins 2nd NYC Marathon With Late Push


And that's a wrap for the forty ninth annual New York City marathon fifty thousand athletes making the twenty six point two mile trip from Staten Island to Central Park today correspondent Steve cast inbound tells us about the people who arrived at the finish line first Jeffrey come war war of Kenya won the race for the second time crossing the finish line in two hours eight minutes and thirteen seconds a little more than three minutes off the course record in the women's race reigning champ merry honey was denied another win my twenty five year old Jocelyn depose guy it was her first win with the time of two hours twenty two minutes and thirty eight seconds and the vast majority of the runners were of course not in it to win it most most like Tim tell ten ten wins that they were just happy to take part in to be in New York at the world's biggest marathon Iran and a lot of different cities but this was this was special what makes this special compared to other cities or just the people the energy I mean it's truly amazing as always thousands of spectators lined the entire route to cheer on total strangers as well as their friends and loved

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