Party of ex-Chancellor Kurz wins Austrian election


Welcome to the briefing we begin by turning our attention to Austria where former Chancellor Sebastian Courts as won a general election and in convincing fashion snap election was called following the collapse of the previous government made up of the People's Party of Mister Courts and the far-right Freedom Party hardy video had revealed the Freedom Party's openness to Russian influence. Peddling courts will now have to choose between shifting left or going back to his former allies in the far right party to form a new government for more on this. I'm joined by tests should covets. UK Correspondent for Austria Profile magazine Tessa. Thank you for joining us and and welcome back to the show Were you surprised at all. I don't buy this results. I think everyone was surprised because the opinion polls before forty elections showed a better resort for prognosis for the far-right what happened I think in the last weeks before the elections was that the far-right Freedom Parthiv got involved. There were some revelations about expense scandals around the leadership and former former head of the party has gone and that further dampen their the the results so a combination of the bitter video scandal from May with these new revelations just kicked him off the chances to return to government as the logical partner that for Christian for Sebastian quote what's so we will see now in long probably difficult coalition negotiations if he indeed will to the Green Party as coalition nations partner. I want to come back to that expensive scandal you mentioned but you are right. The Green Party did surge which is quite curious here sort of square in the middle the People's Party the Conservative Party is the Social Democrats as well which is quite curious. The Conservative Party gained a lot of ground far right lost ground obviously because of of that scandal but with the performance of the Greens does that put into question where the former chancellor is going to look for a new partner in in his coalition while he's definitely the successful populist he managed to gain votes though his previous coalition was failed completely in renewing Australia sort of fear contract with the people in the future so they just had to resign after eighteen months and still he comes out as the one who is the staple prime minister that people trust again to form another government so that's the first thing so the second thing is that the Zeitgeist has changed a little bit in the last two years so the last elections refund on a tough immigration stands after the refugee crisis resulted in strong anxieties in the population this time we're sort of in the middle of Friday's for future a frenzy people thinking about the climate catastrophe more than about the the consequences of immigration could try to push the immigration a topic in all conversations or interviews during during the election campaign but in fact the resides in the success of the green pod shows that the younger voters want something else than the constant immigration debate so they turn to the Green Party and a lot of people in the middle of the society also thought that they wanted some kind of the more open minded and more progressive stance on questions like immigration European Union and end climate and those people voted either green or for this small Liberal Party which was also quite successful. Do we have any indication of which way ah the former chancellor is leaning here for his Coalition Party as he say sort of it is a popular thing now more people are thinking about the climate obviously climate change rather more people voted voted green so he's quite young guy as well not only in age but in his political experience so may he be more curious to to shift left in in building and continuing to grow on his popularity he might and this is a big test now for him as a politician because he was very quickly quickly turning to become one of these right wing populace strongmen tough on immigration and constantly talking about political Islam. I am in how to sort of restrictor these influences in Australian in his Austrian homeland and artists sixty. You know the rhetoric from other other right wing politicians in Europe to now. He has the chance to move back to the middle and do a coalition with the Green Party ideologically. Lee I think this will be quite difficult for him because he has always said that he felt comfortable in the coalition with defy red because they shared a lot of his reform plans and also this anti immigration stance now we will see what he will do and it will be a a very big test also for the Green party because they are much more progressive much more welcoming to immigration much more open minded and in then Sebastian could so for them to go into coalition is quite dangerous too but it's now the moment where Australia has decided and where the Green Party ends passive quits mainly mainly those two have to decide if they want to prevent the fire to come back from into government or not and we will probably see this by the end of the year beginning of next year only the results so the next week will be quite interesting Tessa. Thank you so much for this just fits their

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