Kelly Ripa responds to backlash over son in 'extreme poverty' joke


There may not know Jimmy Kimmel is in Brooklyn this week broadcasting from there is why he does every couple of years but it comes comes to Brooklyn which means you get for the New York people who won't fly to LA to do his show and they all do the show here in New York Kelly ripa was on Jimmy Kimmel because her son lives in Brooklyn so her son is attending and why you and why you I don't know if you know this but and why you right now if you don't live on campus I think it's a little cheaper so is anywhere between seventy and fifty thousand dollars a year to go to and why you just to attend and why you how much between fifty and seventy thousand dollars a year I believe it yeah we went to school Maryland that's over fifty grand a year and where my old let's say I know people went to Georgetown seventy five sound now yeah I mean think about that that's three hundred thousand dollars for a four year college education that doesn't include the other stuff the purple stuff the public puts it like three fifty right and you're familiar to earn that set and your mom is Kelly rep but she makes twenty million dollars a year that says salaries that twin for that one hour show that's right I guess she has some endorsements to the probably add to a but for the most part a B. C. just pays or for that nine o'clock show twenty million Bucks in there a long time member she replaced Kathie Lee yeah I know and then she said a lot of men through their Michael Strahan was with her for a while now she's with Ryan Seacrest is so strong she's been the constant yeah I suppose so but I know that show generates that kind of money at that hour of the day at nine o'clock in the morning it's heard a lover yeah she let her she's a great show woman yeah right now she's very good on that show but they but people living a little bit less is getting a lot of slack for this and I and I say kudos to the slack people because this is kind of offensive so here's our son lives in Brooklyn gone and why you she's paying all the money we just said yeah she wants to let him learn how to take care of himself so he's working and paying his own rent but in celebrity world that just means that she co signed the lease she bottom is furniture and he's just you know whatever money he makes is going to pay his rent with it so here here's what she told Jimmy Kimmel last night alright let's hear in Jimmy by the way is in Brooklyn yeah I think he loves the freedom he hates up paying his own rent and he is chronically poor I don't think he ever really experience you know extreme poverty that is not extreme poverty the fact that she called extreme poverty that her because her son as a friend angry about this are everybody is you should see Twitter is blowing up over this is articles everywhere being written about Kelly right but saying that her son paying his own rent is extreme poverty it's a way that celebrities try to to appear relatable to her this is what happens which from we're taking her to literally I'm sure she was kind of making a pseudo joke they're living in extreme poverty you know like when you say like when I was in my twenties boy I was poor and have a dime to my name did you really not have a dime to your name or were you living kind of you know day to day I did she went on with the story and she talked about how like his grandparents sent him money every year for Halloween yeah he was a kid so he's affable the grandparents of money yeah he said like a kit kat bar something they sent it they always sent money to send cash an envelope that's what she said for Halloween yeah Iran has nothing to do with money I understand that but that's a story that she told what would happen when he lost a tooth did they get like a big get a bond under his pillow maybe I don't know it she goes on to say that he called her and said when a grandma grandpa going to be sending my twenty dollars for Halloween I need the money and how like he's living res really living up like below the poverty line he's living in an apartment in Bushwick Brooklyn that she had a co sign for bush what is not a country closely at a show no no bills which wick goes to NYU which is as we just said anywhere between fifty and seventy five thousand dollars a year depending on what he's studying that she's paying for he's not living in poverty yeah but like he's not even though he's not paying for the education in his living and how big the apartment I don't know didn't didn't say it's probably in a pretty subpar apartment rent I doubt it which is pretty nice is it depends where bush okay trust me with Kelly ripa's son is in Bushwick yes nice he lives in a nice building that she had a co sign to get him into I think her point is that she very easily could put him up like a really nice apartment in pay for everything but now he's going through a character building experience where he doesn't have the luxuries he had when he was growing up so relatively yeah he is living in poverty compared to what he grew up with them saying listen the extreme poverty that term has a very specific definition yeah you know and it's it's characterized by severe deprivation of basic human needs no water no sanitation it's not only income but also access to services so even even and by that definition if this kid decides he wants to he wants help he has access to mommy

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