Jets fuming Darnold's 'ghosts' remark made air


Our number three of the rich Eisen show on the air right now there is imagining a very heated in difficult conversation going on between the jets ESPN and the NFL and the NFL films ah to who cleared water to get cleared last night on Monday night football Sam darnold saying I'm seeing ghosts which is an honest assessment he says he was talking to his coaches he I've seen ghosts clearly he was throwing the ball to the wrong team over and over again last night ballot check and that defense had him spooked we all saw we all knew it here to hear him admit it was refreshing but also for him and everyone else embarrassing Geneva Calvin noise sound over there Mike del Tufo this is Kyle Van Noy of the Patriots defense he's been nothing but amazing lions fans are okay another man solid player becomes a Patriots earlier this was Kyle van Noy after the game last night when he was told that microphone picked up Sam d Donald saying I'm seeing ghosts broadcast last night this is why it's an issue even though many people are saying it's refreshing that he's honest fans WanNa hear this stuff this is why it's an issue to the got Sam Darnold and also the NFL films and also to ESPN nobody nobody wants to be on the business end of Levy on Belgium's tweeted out saying that the NFL threw him under the bus tweeted at the NFL gopher bomb point on the ESPN cast goes ooh he did ooh man that's the boogeyman real kind of continuity of you defense where the size sire he really said that eh how were you guys able to rattle crazy for him to say it is that makes it real you know what I'm saying was was very real very real so that's what's happening right now I mean that's top of hour number three to eastern time after that debacle of jets loss in a tremendous Patriots Win

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