Passenger Steps in to Fly Plane After Pilot Fails to Turn Up


Am a pretty regular regular traveller on the airlines and came across interesting travel tip recently all right and that is that if your flight is going to be severely verily delayed you can just volunteer to fly it yourself. Absolutely I've done that several times as someone said it's a variation on on on try the fish or what is it. have the fish have the fish have the fish of course being this sort of meam that I think Steve Tupper came doc with where on an airline flight he urges the pilots to have the fish in the hopes that they will be food poisoned and Steve. We'll be called up to the cockpit to fly the airplane so this is this is a little variation on that this is a flight in someplace someplace not in the US but a flight in England England to like was it to Australia or it was just as wherever it was to Manchester England Alicante Spain gene to Spain okay and and there was a scheduling Snafu in terms of flight crews apparently the only person was missing was the captain. It sounds like there was a first officer present all right but the captain is missing all right and the captain's GonNa be missing for a long time right and so one of the passengers on on the aircraft turns out is in fact a captain for that airline all right and he notices is this going on and he realizes that he and his wife and his kids hit or kids are about to be massively delayed on their way to their vacation and so he gets on the telephone to whoever they're they're dispatch or whatever and says listen. Here's the deal field's really delayed. I'm here I can fly. I got my ID. I'm in shape. You know I mean everything's Hunky Dory. If you guys are okay with it and if you're okay with me flying in civilian clothes it's all right and and apparently the dispatch people came back to him about well. He said it's sixty eight seconds or something silly like that but basically pretty quickly they came back and said yes do it and and so a long time to think about it. There's a youtube video that shows that shows this fill in captain standing at the front of the main cabin talking on the public address explaining this whole thing saying so. Are you okay with all right with you know with us not being delayed with me flying in civilian clothes so that we're not delayed and he got like almost a standing ovation imagine. It's like Yes yes but I'd be sitting there going really. How do I know this guy's really a captain. How do I what who's WHO's vetted. Did this thing I'm I'm a little. I don't know I but see then. I'm a I'm a ironically. I'm a timid airline Flyer and so I would I would be suspicious. I should say that because I can't see out the front window. I you know Jeb. You and I've had this conversation. I've explained this. I believe leave see. This is really going to get into deep deep stuff here or not you know we. I believe that riding on an airliner is is sorta like playing Russian roulette all right. I believe that you're playing Russian. Roulette with about a million chamber gun. and you're basically saying I will oh magic you know. The mystics are saying we will magically get you to your destination all right but you've got to put this million chamber gun to your head and pull the trigger all right and if you live you arrive all right like. I don't like the chances I don't like the odds I don't like that. I have no control the other. There's the other metaphor here's the other for income. Schroeder's airplanes airline passenger. This is shorting airline passenger. Okay is like once I go into that airline cabin and once they closed the door. I am both dead and alive all right. I mean you know whether or not I arrive as a living creature whether I'm able to leave alive. is totally out of my hands. I have no influence on it at all. Have the fish

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