Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones - A Review


So what what what's new while you were gone yes so you were gone yes they sent me the Amazon echo your buttons two weeks so this is a really interesting category all of a sudden thanks to apple and their new air pod pro ear buds are wireless the Bluetooth and with the exception of apple's crappy earpods and I want to emphasize crappy air pods which is kind of sit on your ear and fallout most of the good stuff and I have a job or a lead to have a number of them I have the Samsung I actually I think a number of reviewers consider believe it or not the Samsung galaxy bugs to be the best sounding better even than the apple iPod pros but they have a tip that goes deeper inner ear seals so you get better bass and they are much less prone to ejection here a junction as you exactly what as in you you said in the chat room your booking to Bob Seger so that's that's when you get the ear injection factor so what do you think of these galaxy but they're very experiments were then accounts but damn is abuzz with their very expensive one twenty eight it is not that they're actually made by both so the sound quality is always happen like Bose sound you know what they are we always say no highs no lows must be bows exactly I don't agree with that but okay they actually look very similar to both the Bose I have the sound sports which is what I usually goes jogging around then so says like Amazon basically re labeled something existing well I think they will cooperate with it they're slightly different than the sound sports they come in a case they couple things they are not noise eliminating their noise reducing yeah and that very dependent on you get a good fit with the ear plugs and noise reducing our yearly means yeah as you say they see over here apple's air pop pros and others like the Bose quiet comfort do what we call active noise cancellation have microphones which works to pick up the ambiance and then flip the pope the reverse the polarity so that is negates itself and that they have seen on with some success but these don't do that they just see what I actually I think that works better some level of that of active noise reduction because you up to mode you have what they call passed through what you hear the outside world walking you can your cards coming at you and such yeah and if you switch between the two of them even with the ear plugs in all the way you can actually hear a difference in the amount of sounds path is this some amount of reduction it's just not noise cancellation now the classes on this that I found you only have to wear one if for some reason you don't want to wear both of them a lot of these if you take one out its silences it not this one it takes one out it will stop and then it'll will is not she just left one and it'll go back to what I like that because I often do when a we're just one it does one yeah it comes with the re charging case similar to the other ones good for a couple of charges and the sound is like if you like both his visit now couple things to worry about with these they send it to you and they give you a set of rubble flanges you can add to the year but if you want to they give you that little hook to help get the S. soon securing aren't seen a lot of people do that it's like it's just a little bit more so doesn't fall out yeah if you do that it's very hard to get it to sit properly in the case and I've had it where I thought it was then wasn't in good didn't charge and it didn't disconnect from my phone I'm suddenly looking in my phone is ringing or anything this morning to the nearby not good so you really have to make sure that you popped it all the way in you have the option is always listening for you to say what you wake up words in this case the only option you have is the a word one really you can't use a computer or Amazon the other way not let me change they may change you have if you do the tap and hold you can have it either activates or Google assistant okay so you can use whatever is on your phone as well you watch it is very easily you get a choice of whether you want to tap and hold to be the Amazon assistant or your phone's basic one and I have no reason why you want to ever have a thing the Amazon one because it's already listening all the time anyway right you can turn the Mike off on it so it's not listening so just acting as the pair had sat the one thing I wish they'd done and the only reason I keep using my Bose sound sports it doesn't have a poll sensor and my Bose sound boards anything that senior year like that has all sorts of potential as a as a kind of fitness monitor because it can not only cents heart rate but other things as well so right and this one doesn't have the sensors built and then maybe a generation sandwich generation three Cup or sport down version coming along at some point but I went jogging weapons they stay put I went to the gym worked out the state court the sound is as good as you expect many bios you get about six to eight hours of stuff now I was on the train both to and from LA to this weekend and I will clean sound reduction was adequate but I could on the train I didn't feel like I was hearing all the were rattle and roll coming in for the tribe but I could still hear what was going on I will not go on an airplane without in I've use noise canceling I have bows and others but I actually preferred the at a motor X. which is a high and in here monitor and it it has flanges ago so deep in your here for some people I have that cough reflect some of those people who have seen poke my some people it actually make you might make you gag a little bit but its seal so well you can't hear a thing which may not be safe on an airplane I guess if it can still tap me if they need me to jump out of the airplane put on a pair she but I I prefer that it's not active noise canceling its just silent can you hear babies crying you don't hear anything I mean I had those I had a set of those two awhile ago and the company can't member who they may have a little pink is attached to you that you clicked on your chest that you could push a button the left right up through the I got to talk to somebody yeah the whole idea of ambience founder is is not new that's that's been around since the Sony Walkman you could do with a Walkman right I'm gonna have to say I haven't tried these yet you know it seems to me the apple earpods pro is really overpriced is really expensive there's a huge profit margin in headphones that's why at one of the reasons apple bought beats is a big money maker the galaxy but at the same price as the Amazon without without using the assistant you get no system but they I think sound quite good they fit quite well in their only hundred thirty Bucks if you want a system that sounds like the Amazon be a good

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