Analysis: New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles


New England Beats Philadelphia. Seven hundred ten tight game. Your boy Ataman throws a touchdown pass What do we make of these teams right now? Well I mean I think the entire takeaway for Philly fans is predicated on what you think of New England if you think think. New England is the Super Bowl. Contending team which I think there are a super bowl. Contending Tamed Sound Down on now. Though it sounds like your your little awesome while you worry about the offense and she do I mean like how could you not and you worry about stopping the red eye. Eagles went away from a little bit. They were down Jordan. Howard I think if you look at it that outweigh it's not the worst? Lost Eagles had all season. But of course it's the biggest loss because it's the latest and now they're five hundred nece was like they put themselves in a position where losses to Atlanta and in Detroit and teams like that amounted up and made this a must win and of course in the NFC. Nothing's truly a must win but we mentioned the eagles struggles with Dallas earlier. Everybody has to over simplify things and make it a win thing and I just got actually got a tweet from A guy earlier one of the listeners owners definitely from Boston like Oh crooked. Cancel the pod Ryan at Ryan at Chris. Because he doesn't want to you know. Take the eagles offense to task. The offense was bad. Dude Carson didn't play take that twelve but like Carson Carson didn't play Great Lake but guess what you've been touting this patriots it's defense all year is the best of all time or in that in that and we have come down to earth bit but you gotTa pick one because Carson not having a perfect game against these guys with down the starting running back down to Sean Jackson down. Alshon Jeffery down both tackles at one point in the game by by the way when Lane Johnson leaves early early. That's a big deal. Carson was pressure twenty. Two out of forty eight snaps again. He holds the ball long too long sometimes so that stat his snapped releases relevant the longer longer you hold it the more. You're going to get pressured. But he had four incompletion role in that final drive. I didn't think he had agreed. Asli bag game but it was funny to me that in a game where the goat who still a really good player was all over the place. The first avenue set a record for incompletions and a half. It's the first game. He played an entire game. You didn't leave bleed. The Patriots and touchdown passes shutout Jules. I just think like are we going to be mad at Brady to a I. I know whence isn't the goat and he doesn't get that kind of slack but that's a team who offensively has to hurry up and figure some things out for the for the level of expectation in New England to be met and of course Romo Romo who I love every time Brady missed the throw is the wind. Every time went Smith stores like he missed another one there. And if this is the game you're GONNA TO GIVE UP ON WHENCE OVER I. You're giving up on Wednesday like as a franchise quarterback score on trees. I think you're you're you're shortsighted. Second this is not the game like he didn't didn't play that well but bro. That's the best defense in the league. Most people think right. That's what people think at this point Yeah they are San Francisco. You know San Francisco the team gave up fifty points to I mean Devi. Oh man done sound like rail exact science so I'm looking at it now. 'cause Devia was telling me these guys were both both the two thousand Ravens. Yeah now they are and I mean going into the week they still were way ahead of everybody else. I mean I was looking at the numbers this morning. They don't get updated Until until the Monday night or so we'll know more about inter you're right. I mean that San Francisco who in what last couple of weeks we're going. Oh wait a minute what what happened to these guys on Defense Pencil Not GonNa sit there and say then all of a sudden I still. I've always liked personnel better than New England's but New England's one holding a team down to ten after they gave up a bunch of yards to Lamar and those guys so I think the Brady thing it continues to be this thing. That's real his first half second half stuff it just felt like yesterday was just a grind. You know what I mean to grind for everybody. You know what I mean but you know how like if you have a buddy and you seem like walking somewhere and you're like what's wrong like just having a bad day. Yeah just arduous and soon as they got out of the house everything was a challenge and it just felt like the Brady and his movements. And maybe I'm doing too much here and maybe but I don't think I am. I think I'm right here. I really the the more I watch him this year. The more I think things just feel more challenging and I don't know if it's just because the offensive line I don't know it's because no gronk you know it could be all of these things collectively but I think even the biggest patriots fan has to admit and some private moment that you know. Maybe this is what it looks like for the end of Tom and then as soon as I say that out loud goes probably was so who knows. I'm not willing to do that because I'm not going to be the guy what I'm saying is though that poses the question to you. I mean you're forty two forty three years old. You'RE GONNA have I bad days where the ball is not just zip off your arm You know outside the Hashes Brady Brady is still going to have them in a position to compete for the whole thing at the end of the year even with the lack of Gronk with the lack of Devlin with the line problems with some of the drops he had yesterday. But I would ask you this. The Eagles secondary has been much maligned. The Patriots Defense has been called one of the best ever right. So why are we sitting here talking about and Tom didn't have a great game. You know who had about the same game as Tom Carson. They both they both had bad throws. But we're sitting here and I know that the go gets a lot more leash 'cause he's the goat and he's going to have his team where they need to be and I'm a huge fan. So don't don't mistake. This is a Tom Critique but people have not gray days Tom will tell you that Carson had not great day against one of the best defense of all time and if you look at these two these two offenses they both fallen awful lot. Since that's your boy. I think the Eagles Miss Frank Reich. I think they may they miss de Filippo. I think they had a lot of injuries but the pats have a lot of injuries and they've fallen on off a lot since that super bowl. Our defense in seventeen was much better than the not much better. It's better than the eagles defense right now. We have more pieces. They put up six hundred plus yards yards. Offensively on US yesterday was like you said a struggle and so I think there's concerns for both offenses here. One obviously has a much better cushion and a defense defense. That's GONNA keep me in every game.

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