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Trip and Entered his fantasy of building trump tower Moscow in nineteen eighty-eight fast forward at eighty nine the communist government. Collapses in Russia goes into this paroxysm of transforming into a capitalist country. But you have to remember. Russian intelligence didn't change and Vladimir Putin went from being a mid level KGB officer in East Germany to being the head of Russian intelligence under Boris Yeltsin. Because does he blackmailed. The Prosecutor General who was investigating Yeltsin so he acquired all of Donald Trump's files and then by two thousand fourteen when trump came for Miss Universe if you're an ex KGB officer and Donald trump is there and his begging for tower like all good intelligence officers you say bring me the file on Donald Trump and win Vladimir Putin looked back into this file on Donald Trump's stretching back for decades now What do you think that he saw? That made trump and attractive quote unquote useful idiot for Russia. Oh more than a useful idiot. He just started as a useful I think he he was a useful idiot. Nineteen eighty-eight when he didn't know what was going on around him in his statements. Comments were helpful to the Soviet Union his presence of flying to Moscow and going on tours with intourist agency which by the way is the KGB travel agency that shepherded around Bernie Sanders and anybody else that went to the Soviet Union at that time you. You're under constant surveillance. So trump was. It was later on when He. When Russia became a capitalist nation and saw that they had to money blonder their illicit billions and billions and billions of dollars in cash that trump's properties became valuable because money laundering through through properly real estate was a huge boom industry? Certainly here in New York City and in Florida where they have large populations and in Europe all all across Europe virtually every spare apartment in London was bought by Russian oligarchs order to hide their cash into legitimate assets sets so donald trump then became an unwitting asset which means he didn't know where the money was coming from but he didn't care so he was useful to them. MM-HMM I believe that by twenty four team when he got the Miss Universe and the fourteen of the twelve richest oligarchs sat him down in a private to our meeting at the Nobu restaurant and he walked out saying two things one we will have a trump tower Moscow which of course he thought would earn him three billion billion dollars. Wow profit and he had said we learned this year. He intended to offer Vladimir Putin a fifty million dollar bribe by giving him the top Penthouse at the top of the building which shows that he didn't understand Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin might be as rich as much as two two hundred billion dollars of stolen money because he controls the entire Russian oligarchy with the Russian intelligence agents agencies and you he when he decides your not going to be rich anymore he sees your assets so trump has assed seriously doesn't has underestimated this man but Putin as a human manipulator a person who sees the the faults of a of an of an asset and manipulates them he saw a rabidly avaricious man. Who would do anything for money? which by the way was an an old KGB recruiting tactic don't recruit liberals always recruit conservatives and people who want money people who have you know horrible narcissistic personalities with power driven? Egos because you can a sage that with money liberals in the communist and and things like that they are fellow travelers and when they turn on you they have legitimacy so never recruit them. Donald trump is the perfect example a recruiter asset. And all you have to do and I have a section of the book called. The five dangles is dangled things in front of him that he wants more than life itself itself But unlike us in the West some in the west the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation used its national scholarship of psychology Collagen in human behavior as part of their intelligence apparatus so Vladimir Putin as new Russian president who sees sees all this money coming in. And here's about. Donald Trump who has hit show in Russia called the apprentice which is true it was a hit show in Russia and he starts seeing him him as an asset and he brings in the dossier and he goes. You know what this guy's easy. Putin would have bought in every scholar in in the country every former intelligence officer and advisor including the four on his staff and they would have said. Let's turn this guy into a asset set for the Russian Federation not the United States. Now you also say that it's not just donald trump who has financial ties to Russia but also members of his family including Don Jr. Ivanka Jared Kushner what are those connections and you know those connections actually are less. Let me put it this this way. Donald Trump junior and the trump organization. They confessed on camera that most of their money in the in the early two thousands came from Russians. Which is why? He's hiding hiding his financial records because it will show that this money came from very shady sources also that there were loans to the trump organization were underwritten by Deutsche Bank but Royce. Your Bank had to be underwritten by someone because no one in the world would loan donald trump money in New York City. No American American Bank no Western European Bank. Only this bank and to do that. You would have to have loan guarantees from people who had real assets so donald trump junior Eric trump they are all implicated within the family organization. Ev- Ivanka trump on the other hand went to the east and she got trademarks patents made clothing and it's almost as if the family was reaching out in three hundred sixty degrees to get cover. All bases cases of dirty global money and so- IVANKA's eastern China. Donald trump junior is to the west and Saudi. Or you know in in in Russia. And then you have jared Kushner who has his six six six fifth avenue building that was in a billion dollars of debt right. AFTER DONALD TRUMP BECOMES president gets instantaneously bought out M his debt paid off by a conglomeration from the government of Qatar at at the time that he was Donald Trump's personal envoy to Saudi Arabia. That was boycotting. Dr I mean. It is an salacious and incestuous in in every way they it's not just Russia that they align themselves with there's a group I call the global oligarchy or Goloba. Arche it is. A body of people of billionaires WHO's loyalty has no flag and their flag is to money quantities of money. Money you and I cannot imagine. And that's why they defend you know they party with each other. You know like Ivanka trump and Wendy. Dang my Rupert Murdoch's former wife who was rumored was trying to date Vladimir Putin

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