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Philly jury acquits man of shooting another in the heart 2 years ago


Philadelphia calling for borrowing jury to has retrofit acquitted old a man seven who thirty fatally sevens shot to prevent another an accident man outside an like auto the one mechanic that killed shop a woman where on the a two southwest worked flight that had is to land K. Y. in Philly W.'s crime a and Philadelphia justice reporter jury Kristin acquits Jon Hansen Amanda tells shooting us another the killing in the was heart sparked two by years an argument ago I'm Christine over Joe urination hand in sports while on rough the night stand for flyers you cool goalie o'connor Carter admitted hard he shot in a loss William to the Rodriguez Florida Panthers nearly two years forty ago three outside an overcast a car shop adding the pair up worked to fifty one in today the claimed it was in good self morning defense I'm Carol because the mackenzie victim was repeatedly our top story punching at him five upset oh one that o'connor day had is just one peed of the biggest on his days tools so far outside in the the impeachment shop prosecutors inquiry into say president o'connor trump shot the unarmed the house will man hear through from the the heart first when he witness instead who had direct had the duty conversations to flee the scene with the president prosecutors about Ukraine also try policy to tack on you a voluntary ambassador manslaughter Gordon sign charge but when the his judge first denied up this morning the request he originally the forty testified one year old in has a private now been deposition acquitted that of he both did not third know degree precisely murder and a weapons why military charge aid to his Ukraine attorney was Paul being held Lange up embraced and said in as the president the jury trump read the verdict did night a you quid could pro never quo understood to him why I was during charged a September in the first phone place call he but when put other his faith witnesses in the system including by coming lieutenant over colonel here legally Alexander Veneman by getting testified a concealed carry that silence permit and said a gun the administration permit legally was pressuring and Ukraine by going to to the open police investigations station immediately into after the Biden family on the and other the twenty side sixteen of the elections courtroom Rodriguez's he was forced family to modify was in his tears testimony devastated the point at the not break cop guilty CBS verdict news assistant Capitol district Hill attorney now president Dave Osborne trump called who tried the hearings the week a kangaroo and a half long case court says what's they're going disappointed on is a disgrace but respect the jury's decision but it's an at embarrassment the criminal justice to our nation center Kristin Johannsen is that Republicans KYW are news killing radio as

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