Calms Secret to Success? Matthew McConaugheys Bedtime Stories


Business Wars daily is sponsored by SALESFORCE salesforce customer relationship management solution is committed to helping you deliver the personalized experiences that could customers want so they'll keep coming back again and again salesforce bringing companies and customers together visit salesforce dot com one hundred fifty million times and the company turned a profit last year it's now worth more than a billion dollars the first wellness apt to become a unicorn and it shows the simplest of features bedtime stories read by celebrities like Matthew mcconaughey as observers have noted meditation is nice to have adults suffering from it won easily blame it on political news or climate change concerns stock market volatility over use of technology or the Mash up of skyrocketing love but everybody needs to sleep with once upon a time now at the heart of the business subscriptions quadrupled Com stories have been played more than dollar annual subscriptions according to Tech Crunch last year the company noted an uptick in users tuning in at bedtime and decided to test products for insomniacs I have additional options for managing their mental health founder Michael acton Smith is nothing if not a big dreamer he's considering launching real world products from more companies are jumping into the digital behavioral health game developing APPs intended to bridge the huge gap between suffering and treatment anxiety is highly treatable close a two-thirds of people who have never received treatment according to patient advocates enter the big guns of mental wellness apps head space and calm relaxing way to run billed as a partnership between Nike and the blockbuster meditation APP head space it was a reminder to just how ubiquitous mental wellness APPs have become June loan debt and the pressure to perform do we have anything else we can be anxious about how about a toxic combination of all of the above will listen regardless of the cause more industry is relaxing head space is in you might say head to head competition with Com- A serial entrepreneur from South Wales Michael Acton Smith founded stream to date com has raised one hundred forty million dollars in funding and reached about fifty million users the company says about two million of those users purchase seventy lost ninety six dollars a year it now claims to reach more than forty five million users in one hundred ninety countries the company markets the APP to corporate wellness leaders they reach nearly one hundred million users worldwide albeit with different tones and strategies founded by British former monk. Andy put a comb in twenty ten head space earning the American Medical Association which offers at two burned-out doctors and Temple University which gives it too stressed out student athletes that's not to say that being in the meditation in two thousand twelve but it grew slowly for its first few years Smith credits the two thousand sixteen election with increasing America's anxiety levels and his company's revenues grids of companies eager to calm they're anxious employees down what's up anxiety has become the most common mental illness in America with some forty million they're everywhere and applied to everything from running to serious mental health issues like depression and suicide alley and they're on the benefits men use of hours daily happy Monday friends the other day I pulled up apple's APP store my phone to look for something in steering me there in the face was the APP of the day which promised and I quote here a more one side effect of success and that Ho category mindfulness APPs are taking a bit out of depression drug sales which are declining as people realize clothing and retail stores to publishing hotels and even a private island resort a really really come when we would imagine what would you pay for a peaceful day or from wondering I'm David Brown and this is business even better a peaceful night more and more of us are willing to subscribe to stillness it appears so watch this space calm and head space may be winning now but many scrappy upstarts or aggressively climbing that path to enlightenment and that fight is likely to be anything but peaceful business wars daily is sponsored by salesforce have you ever wondered what salesforce does of salesforce is a customer seamless personalized experiences that customers want and build lasting trusted customer relationships make sense salesforce uh-huh slash learn more nations ship management solution they bring companies and customers together. How do they do it? They give your employees of three hundred sixty degree view of your customers bringing companies and customers together visit salesforce dot com slash learn more that's salesforce dot com slash learn more

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