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Starbucks, CEO And Sephora discussed on Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart


Police officers nor the mayor or anyone else. starbucks made that issue happen. Our store manager caused it so own it when you miss out on it. And then the third thing I learned is to teach and learn because their companies I mean I think you all just saw that Sephora closer stores within the last ten days or so to do some of the same work and I think our open open source the work that we're doing right now train and develop we have other companies and whenever I meet other. CEO's always asked him so what are you doing on diversity inclusion. Have you seen our work involved and I just keep going coming at it and we have some great partners now who WanNa learn from starbucks so Teach and learn everywhere. You go so when you talk to your son John. I'm sure you did during during this this whole time.

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Starbucks, CEO And Sephora discussed on Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart

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